Red Skater Skirt

Thank you to Sarah Meyers of Sarah L Meyers Women's Wear for sending me one of her red skater skirts for review.

SM by Sarah Meyers is an independent, handmade women's collection designed for the modern bohemian woman who appreciates the basics, although she is anything but basic! 
After graduating with a degree in fashion design from The Savannah College of Art and Design, Sarah moved to Los Angeles and began working in the fashion industry. Her love of hands-on designing and creating was muddled as the large company she worked for began to mass produce there products overseas. That's when she decided to create her own line, SM. 

The skirt is a lovely vibrant shade of red, which automatically becomes the statement piece of any outfit, whether worn with monochrome or a bright brocade, it will suit accordingly. I hangs nicely, and sways around my knees when I walk. I have recently really got into skirts to become the main attraction of my outfit, so this was perfect for me. I plan on wearing it out with a black top, black tights, a red bomber jacket, and red pumps, maybe with a red shoulder bag and red and black accessories such as earrings and midi rings.

The skirt is incredibly soft, made from some kind of cotton I believe. It fits perfectly, and hugs snugly around my waist. The fabric is reasonably thin, although if I were to pick a problem with this skirt, I would say that the fabric is maybe too thin, and fragile-like. I'm guessing that it is made for Summer however, and maybe not suitable for the Winter months and the cold, icy weather that they tend to bring. I am going on hiliday in a few days though, so I will definitely bring this skirt with me, for its thiness, weightlessness and compact size.

She created her first collection in the Spring of 2012. With a dedication to quality craftsmanship and a love for quality handmade products made in the USA. Her collections are produced entirely in Los Angeles, CA.

Sarah Meyers has many more other gorgeous products on her Etsy, such as this navy blue maxi skirt which is perfect for when the weather begins to slowly get warmer:

And this black and white cocktail dress which would look brilliant with a statement necklace and brocade heels:

"The fabric was so soft and flowing and the measurements I gave her were followed to a T! It fit splendidly and made our wedding photo shoot look great, with the contrast of the wonderful royal blue color of the skirt I requested, and his AF dress blues! The sewing lines looked so professional and I loved my skirt, very comfortable too. :)"

Check out Sarah Meyers' Etsy at

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