Absolutely Gorgeous Elephant Ring

Thank you to Donna Altman from Kissing Ravens for sending me one of her gorgeous rings for review on my blog.

I am going to come straight out and say that this is now my favourite ring, and I wear it every day. The design is flawless, and features my favourite species of animal, elephants. It is a gorgeous shade of silver, and doesn't irritate or stain at all. The quality is outstanding, with not a single blip or error. The design is a continuous line of silver elephants, which then stops at the back of the ring.

The sizing is perfect, and I wear it on my forth finger on my right hand, because I find that it fits perfectly there. I am not exaggerating when I say that this is probably the best piece of jewelry that I have ever come across in my fifteen years on Earth.

The ring came in a gorgeous little bag, and had been extremely carefully packaged, so there really is no reason to worry in the slightest about it not arriving in perfect condition. I received the ring quicker than expected, which was great as I could wear my new ring on my first day back at school after break. Customer service was brilliant, and Donna directed me to sections of her Etsy that would prove valuable to my review. 

The design is gorgeous and intricate, with no two elephants looking the same. I am in love with this ring, and have had many compliments on it since it became my new favourite accessory. I am going on holiday to a place called Tenerife tomorrow, and this is one item that I definitely could not go without - it really is great.

This ring would be brilliant for a gift to a loved one (I would be incredibly grateful if someone were to give me something as purely gorgeous as this), or even as a gift for yourself, so you can enjoy such an inspiring design resting on your flesh.

Visit the Kissing Ravens Etsy page at https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/KissingRavens for more information.

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