A massive thank you to Agne of Agnera Resin Jewelry for the pair of gorgeous earrings she sent me.

Nature Inspired Jewelry For Stylish Women

My first encounter with creating jewelry was in 2006 when I made myself a pair of red cherry earrings. They were so cute that my friends asked me to make them all a pair! My first attempts at jewelry making were quite simple but as I progressed, I decided to study the Art Clay silver technique. In 2010 I came to the realization that jewelry making was my life. I quit my day job and have never looked back!

The earrings are of a dangling type, and are filled with what looks like the hundred and thousands that you use to decorate cakes. Considering I have my own developing cupcake business, I found these rather practical. They look good, and unlike the majority of dangling earrings I find that they do not irritate at all.

More recently I discovered resin. I fell in love with the idea that I could now incorporate real flowers into my jewelry, thanks to resin. What a unique way to carry around a piece of nature evey day! Now everywhere I go, I am constantly picking tiny flowers and leaves. I carry around a little book with me at all times to help me save all my beautiful finds. I love the variety found in nature: the different shapes, sizes, and colors of leaves and flowers.

The earrings are bright and colourful - the perfect accessory! I have a dolly mixture bracelet somewhere around my jewelry closet, and these earrings will go perfectly with it! The earrings came beautifully wrapped in a textured fuschia paper, tied up with a pastel pink bow. Inside were the earrings, a business card and instructions with advice such as conditions in which the earrings cannot be worn (shower, swimming pool, etc).

I Love natural product, shapes from nature and pastel colors. Creativity for me is both - work and pleasure. I joined Lithuania Folk union in 2012.  Back in my studio, all these wonderful little pieces of nature are incorporated into charming earrings and bangles. I love to wear the jewelry I make. I hope you do, too! :)


Even the business card is beautiful and expensive looking, especially with a small calender on the back. It gives off a wooden appearance, coated in a smooth gloss. Yet again, another reason to love Agnera!


Agnera has many gorgeous designs, two of which are featured above. They are absolutely stunning, minimalistic yet aesthetic. They are all equally creative, yet no two are the same. Agnera really does sell unique products!

Check out the Agnera Etsy at , where you can browse many of the lovely designs.

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