noelle lamb the youtuber

A little while back whilst watching one of my favourite YT channellers, Noelle Lamb from Little Tea Fox, I began to wonder what life is like as a Youtuber. As she recently reached 17,000 subscribers, I thought it would be a great idea to reach out and directly ask if I could interview her. Then, after being sure that I'd blown it by being so candid, she finally replied with her answers - it was pretty darn awesome that she'd taken the time out to respond! She was really nice and I'm extremely happy that I could interview such an influential, inspiring person, and so here I am to share her words of wisdom with y'all C:


What equipment did you originally use to film?
-originally I filmed on an HD webcam on my old PC - the logitech C920 I think! that’s all I really had, but it worked since I was just starting out. (:

What equipment do you use now? 
-now I use the canon rebel T3i, and I will hopefully be upgrading to the T5i in a few weeks! for lighting, I use natural light with my ring light as well. editing software, I use final cut pro X on my macbook, it’s amazing! before that I had iMovie, which is a great free option.