I came second in Marian's writing competition - yay!

New York, New York

Me and my family (or my family and I) watched the film 'Ted' the other night, and every time the man spoke I'd laugh, gasp or gawp. Why? HE WAS A NEW YORK-IAN!!!!

He said stuff like:

'My tyeddy byear'
'I'll just stand on the sidewalk'*
'I fyancy some cawfee'

And I was blabbing on about how New York is so amazing and about what I'll call myself when I live there (I've decided on either Alaska, Felix or Robyn), when my mother said...

"Your perception of New York is based entirely on American Sitcoms."

I was just like:

Because, really. She made it sound like New York is a BAD thing. Weird, huh????

I mean, look at this:

And  this:


All of the BEST things come from New York!

Like this:

And this:

And, of course, THIS:

*twitchy eye*



Point made.


*SIDEWALK!!!!!! :o

p.s. WHO typed 'cat flu' into Google to get to my blog?!?!?!?!? OWN UP!!!! WHO DID IT???????????

p.p.s. On my Contact Me page, I've added a contact form so if you don't want to email or comment or tweet then you can just type in your message and wait for a personal reply!(:

p.p.p.s. More competition entries please!

Oh, I Forgot...

I know I literally just posted, but I forgot to remind you that my big DECEMBER 1st post is almost here! Basically, just comment below with the top Christmas songs of all time, so we can start our final Christmas (remember, the world's going to end at the end of December?) off to a good - (sorry for the repetitiveness of the word - START. (And get a bit of free advertisement when I call you out on 1.12.12!)

So comment away!



Yesterday I made my first ever Rainbow Cupcakes! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

They turned out like this:

I was so proud!

I'm going to a Great British Bake Off thing tomorrow and I'll be trying out this new recipe - fingers crossed I come 1st place!

And, of course, it's that time of year again! My special Christmas writing pen is out!:

Bit blurred sorry:L

And we put our Christmas tree up too yesterday! (As you can tell, my camera is fixed(: )

Didn't mean to take this photo aha(:

This, however, looks tres cool.

Too big to fit in the whole picture!

I was in charge of the decorations this year - can you tell?(;

The full tree(: And our traditional Christmas mice on the front(: 
Oh, we started wrapping presents for everyone but then a film came on so we stopped(:

And, almost a month late - my October fashion post...

My first attempt. Bleurgh.

Slightly better..

Look at how round this dress makes her look!!!!!!!:L

Okay, so maybe I'm not the next Zedrefler Comandia*... :O

And, did you not hear me in my last post? MY BOOK SHOULD BE OUT BY THE END OF DECEMBER. No one raising an eyebrow???????


*This is not an actual person. Nor is my spellchecker a genius. (It came up with 'Referred Commander'. Pfft.)

Interview with Tina Orr Munro

Here's my interview with Tina Orr Munro - author of...


Hello Tina, how are you today? Thank you so much for letting me interview you. First up, how many books have you published so far and which is your favourite out of them?

I've had two books published so far. Ellie Foster's English Coursework is my favourite, because I wrote it on holiday and bits of it are true!

So Tina, where did you first start? What was your inspiration? Did you have a role-model?

I've written stories ever since I was a young girl. As a child, I loved Joan Aitken, as her stories are very exciting and set in different historical periods (and I'm a history geek). I also loved Sue Townsend. Adrian Mole is still the funniest book I've ever read and Spike Milligan is brilliant for his off-the-wall humour.

Did you ever feel like giving up when writing your stories? How did you stop that feeling?
Yes, I regularly felt like giving up. In fact, there are times when I did. Rejections are very, very difficult to handle. You have to remember it's just one person's opinion, it doesn't mean your book is no good. Keep writing...you'll get there.

How long did it take you to publish?

From the moment I sent Ellie Foster's English Coursework off to an agent to the moment it was published took five years!

How long have you wanted to be an author for?

Ever since I can remember.

How long on average does it take you to write a book? How long on average does it take you to get a good idea?

As a journalist, I'm used to writing very quickly, so I can finish a book in about three to four months. Having a good idea takes much, much longer. I can mull an idea over for many, many months, waiting to see if it will take off.

What is your favourite book written by somebody else?
Far from the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy. It is the only book I've ever read twice.

Have you had any other jobs, or wanted to have another job?

Yes, I've had lots of jobs. I was a Crime Scene Investigator and a history teacher, before becoming a journalist and author.

Have you ever wanted to be somebody else?

Yes, that's why I write. It allows me to become lots of different people. And their lives are far more interesting than mine!

How did you cope as a teenager, I mean, how did you do with spots and stuff?

I hated being a teenager! I had terrible spots so I perfected standing with my back to the sunlight or in shadows so they weren't so obvious. I went to an all girls' school, so the whole boy thing was a bit of nightmare too!

What is your most treasured possesion? Why?

I have a camel that my mum gave to my dad when he went to work overseas. My dad is no longer with us, but I still have the camel which sits on my bookshelf.

Who is your favourite author?

There's so many. I'm a massive fan of crime fiction, and enjoy anything by Simon Kernick, Michael Connelly etc.

Why did you want to become an author?

I don't think I had the choice. Writing is something I feel compelled to do, whether my books are published or not.

Have you ever got any fan-presents?


How many pets have you got? Have they influenced your writing in any way?

I have a lovely little dog call Wilfie who is a very good listener.

What do you do when your stuck on what to write?

I watch Jeremy Kyle...

Do people chase after you in the streets and beg you for autographs?
No. Thank goodness.

Do you have a special writing place?

I write in my office which overlooks a boring main road, so I don't get distracted.

Do you wear a writing uniform?


Have you got any tips for young writers?

Stay true to yourself. Write the book you would like to read. And don't give up.


p.s. I got my first draft back off my illustrator today! Hopefully my book will be ready by the end of December! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! --Hopefully before the world ends on the 21st... 0_o