Sorry I left you!

But WHY Cupcakes has it's own blog - whyohwhycupcakes.blogspot.co.uk , so I'd love you all if you went and checked it out(;

Anyway, instead of me re-writing today's (and yesterday's) events, here' my post on WHY cupcakes:

A Grand Total Of...

A few weeks back, me and Rebecca sold down near her house, door-to-door, and made a sum of £13. And now, after two days of very, VERY had work, and about 49 hours of back-breaking cake decorating, we've made a grand total of £72 pounds. We gave about £25 to Help For Heroes, took about £6 off for our supplier (my mother(: ), and me and Rebecca just split the rest between us.

Here's the photos:

Today's rejects - though one man gave us £20 for one of them!

Last night's first attempts.

Our little stall, where we sold 12 cupcakes for £30!

~ Any incoming orders, please email thewhycupcakecrew@gmail.com


So, I like to think that pretty much rounds it all up(:

Comments, please, and posts returning back to normal tomorrow!


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