Superman Necklace

Thank you so much to Evalda of Laser Cut Jewelry for sending me a gorgeous Superman necklace. It looks great, thank you!

"Thank you for visiting my shop!
Inspiring Jewelry Designed To Make You Smile, not available on etsy right now, You
can buy Best Friends Batman ,great mirror weddings cufflinks, pokemon, kingdom hearts and other geekery and elegant jewelry at" 

The necklace looks great, and the laser cutting is
 precise and looks exactly as it is meant to. I like how the red cutting has been adhered onto a mirror background, as it tends to reflect light and create shadows in the shape of the Superman symbol which is pretty cool!

    "Here you will find jewelry designed in Lithuania. 
    Nature,music, history, typography, street art, movies, books and architecture are a big inspiration in my work.
    Everything in my shop is designed and made by me."

    The necklace arrived in the allocated time given, and came complete in one piece.

    Check out the Laser Cut Jewelry Etsy at:

    And again, thank you to Evalda for sending me this Superman necklace all the way from Lithuania!

    Big Bang Theory Shirt

    First up, thank you so much to Joe and Frannie of Revolution46 for sending me a lush Big Bang Theory shirt! It's great!

    "Hi There! We are Frannie and Joe, creators of Revolution 46.
    Revolution 46 is a family run business. Our children, Max and Ben, inspired us to take what we know best and turn it into something we could all be a part of.
    In my pre-Mommy life, I was a fashion buyer and merchandiser. Joe is a furniture designer and budding photographer.
    Max and Ben are our inspiration, models, some-times designers and most definitely, our toughest critics. We love the simplicity and nostalgic appeal of vintage graphics. We feel our designs pay homage to these timeless works of art.
    We believe in family, fun and quality and hope these values are reflected in our work. We feel our designs are a source of immediate delight and lasting pleasure. If our designs are a gift, you will be thought of warmly every time they wear it!"

    Request a custom order and have something made just for you.

    I absolutely LOVE The Big Bang Theory (television show), as my readers know, (and a bit of a crush on Johnny Galecki!) so I was so chuffed to receive a shirt based on my favourite American sitcom.

    Everyday is a new journey when you are creating! We believe our designs are a source of immediate delight and lasting pleasure. If our tees are a gift, you will be thought of warmly every time they wear it! 

    It is made with 100% prespun cotton, so there's no chance of it shrinking in the wash. Although I ordered a few sizes too large, it still looks great! 

    The ink is eco-friendly, so there's no need in worrying about damaging the environment. The dye is water based, so it has already sunk deep into the fabric to remain soft. It is high quality, and machine washable, with the print lasting for years.

    I love its basic design, and therefore would look great with anything, from simple, monochrome accessories, to bright, bursting colours. I wore it with a denim skater shirt, bowler hat and red platform boots.

    "We love the creative process and everyday is a new journey when you are creating! We use only the finest quality garments. We are Big Brother Shirts, Birthday Shirts and Pregnancy Announcement Shirts central!
    Here is what some customers have to say:
    “T-shirt exactly as described. Excellent quality and costumer service!” …Kara
    “LOVE LOVE LOVED our shirt!” …Kirstin
    “The shirt is quality and so so cute. Thank you for the quick service -- we appreciate it so much!” …Jess
    Revolution 46 features original designs and art work we have created and printed in our Coconut Grove studio. Customer service is huge to us and we want you to be happy from beginning to end. But please be sure to read all of our policies.
    Thank you for checking out Revolution 46."

    Check out the Revolution46 Etsy page HERE!

    Knock Knock Knock PENNY

    So as you all will know, I am a MASSIVE fan of The Big Bang Theory (television show). Sheldon has GOT to be the best character in all of television comedy history, so I was so happy that Jennifer of Self Expression sent me one of her products to review (thank you, Jennifer!).

    "I discovered Etsy about 5 years ago and always loved finding new products and creations by talented people. A little over a year ago I decided that I wanted to have a shop of my own. I have always been into crafting like painting and sewing, but metal stamping caught my eye so I decided to give it a try and loved it!"

    The keyring is handmade from New York, and the quote is stamped on original American coins (I swooned as I absolutely love all things American!). The quote comes from the character of Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory, as he constantly knocks on the door of his neighbour Penny. I guess it is a bit of an inside joke to all us geeks!

    Whilst browsing Jennifer's Etsy, I came across several Big Bang Theory related products:

    (copyright Self Expression)

    And I have to admit I completely fell in love with them!

    "I really like finding new fun and meaningful sayings and quotes to put on the keychains or necklaces, I hope that people continue to find them special! I run the shop by myself and make everything by hand. I am so thankful for the opportunity to run this shop and create new things!"

    I really do love this keyring, and it looks great amongst my keys. I also can't believe how weird a US cent looks compared to the UK coin! 

    There have been approximately 2,831 sales on the Self Expression Etsy, and countless positive comments, so don't just take my word for it!

    Check out the Self Expression Etsy at