Other Of The Month

Yesterday was the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE. Honestly, it made today seem RUBBISH. I would bore you with VERY deep details and bus times and everything, but I wouldn't want all my lovely bloggers to leave my life just yet. But, since yesterday I just ran home and scrabbled everything down on this measly computer, I AM going to give you very DEEP details, but with it being all un-spellchecked, and I'll 'bold' it all so you can all just skip past it. Welcome(:

So, here's a load of flabberjeejabber that I wrote when I was MEGA hyped yesterday, full of grammar and spelling mistakes...

OHMIGOD! Today was thee best day EVER! I woke up at seven and got up and changed, and by half eight me and my sister were lugging our bags into London. We walked all the way through Croydon, and then went to the trainline place-thing. Keira (my sister) bought me a big sausagee roll and some deep ridge cheese and onion crisps and a diet coke, and she bought a coffee, coke and bacon roll. We went on a train into London, and then we  went to the tube place and HAVE YOU SEEN THE ESCALATORS?!?! Well theey're like 50000000000000000 feet tall and Keia was  killing herself laughing as I tried not to plummet to my death, and then we went on thee tube. We had to stand up, and I had my head in someone's armpit, but we survived. Then, a lot of scary escalators and tubes and closing your eyes and they sped towards you just incase they swerved and you got flasttened, we arrived. As we got in, it looked like a little room. We sat down and filled out a form of what we wanted, we were lead into a studio. There was a girl in there and she diid our make-up. I went first and I felt a bit weird without my glasses on, and I squinted because I think that I also lOOk weird without them on. She pressed aa little too hard on the eyemakeup, and the lipstick burnt, but my eyes looked amazing and i just wiped off the lipstick. Then she straightened the side of my hair and teased the back of it and swooped back my fringe, and after checking that my blush and Caribean Cruise styled foundation was A-Okay, Keira went. I ate my crisps whilst wwatching and chewed some gum, and then a man came and lad us downstairs into another room. He was French (I think), and quite funny. We got changed (he left the room) and then we stood  about on the black maat with hium telling us what to do. But then he stopped, held out his hand, and I spat out my gum into it. He didn't wipe his hands on his jeans either which surpried me. We did some seperate poses, some together, and it was SO MUCH FUN! We had three outfit changes, and there was music on in the background. I may have covered the wooden floor in my sausage roll crumbs aand stole Keira's phone when she wasn't looking and put up on her BBM status how much she loves me..(: Then, after a bit of persuading, I finally got Keira to take me to Harrodss. We wwent on yet another tube, and there were two American's ssitting oppastite me.  might have listened into their conversations, but their ACCENTS! I swear I had a goofy smile on my face for the whole ride. We got off at Harrods, saw a giant Mummy, a Diaana and someone elsse memorial thing, LOADS of jewellry and perfumes, and on our way out I was smelling deliciously of men's aftershve. More tubes and escalators later, and we were walking back down the street to the Makeover studio. I asked if we could have a McDonalds and Keira said after, so I was RWEALLY looking forward to that. We got in, said hello, reminded them about how we were the best clients ever, aand chose which photos we wanted. We went into anotther room and checked them out, and fionally deccided on one of us laughing together and another one of justt me (apparently keira looked ;wrinkly'). Keira payed £50 towards the photos now, and she'd pay another £2100 next week, so unfortuanately we COULDN'T HAVE A MCDONADS! We went back on the tube, and  a man oppasite was just staring at Keira looking amazing in her makeup, but she ddidn't seem to notice. Then, we got home and all I had left of the day was a dodgy hairclip that I'm guessing the hair person didn't mind giving to me. There, at Keia's, we talked about how hard the make-up artist had pressecd on our eyes, how we had no chanpayne, how it was like £999999999999 more expensive than sshe'd said, how we hadn't got our free meal, and just how overly rtubboish the makeup artist was. But, tthen again, the day was absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!! It's DEFINITELY in my top ten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you want to count all the spelling mistakes, or just send me to the Blogging Police?

Today's post was going to be my Other Interview Of The Month, but I kinda had no one to do it.. Though I have got a small interview with a woman from PETA, if you want to hear that..?

Why don't you have a UK PETA magazine? 
PETA distributes a magazine called Animal Times, which covers information from all of our international affiliates, including PETA U.K..Members can receive a year’s subscription to the magazine after making a donation.

Why don't you have a PETA Adotion centre in the UK for animals you've saved? 

PETA is a non-profit animal rights organization, not a shelter. We help these animals by focusing our efforts on getting to the root of the problem and educating people about the importance of spaying and neutering their animal companions.
How do you get the money to ship out free stickers? 
We run solely on donations from our 3 million members and supporters!
Why don't you send stickers to the UK? 
If you send me your full name and mailing address, I can have some stickers sent your way. :o)

Are your McCruelty 'facts' COMPLETELY true? Because, wouldn't the Health Ministers or whatever have closed them down by now? 
Yes, they are completely true. Check out this latest undercover investigation for more answers to your question: http://www.peta.org/b/thepetafiles/archive/2011/11/22/mcdonald-s-sneaky-little-pr-move.aspx

How can I work for you when I am older? 

Apply. :o) http://www.peta.org/about/work-at-peta/default.aspx

APPARENTLY you save animals from factories, but set them free and they die anyway because they can't look after themselves. Is that true?!?! 

Absolutely not. I really, really hope you would know better than to think we’d do something like that! The animals we save who are suitable for adoption are often fostered and adopted by our own staff and/or PETA members. Check out this blog to read about a horse we saved from slaughter and found a permanent home for: http://www.peta.org/b/thepetafiles/archive/2011/05/04/thoroughbred-rescued-from-slaughter.aspx.

What does PETA stand for? 
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Can I give you donations? 

I believe that animals are on this Earth for us to live on, as it's nature. So why do you think going Vegetarian is the best option? 
Animals are not ours to eat, wear, be entertained by, to experiment on, or to abuse in any way. They have the capacity to feel pain and suffering in the same way that all animals do, so if we wouldn’t eat our dogs, why should it be okay to eat murdered cows, pigs, and chickens? Check out these videos to see why eating animals is anything but “nature”: http://www.meat.org/

Will PETA research that animal research centre, because there may be loads of animals in danger!!! 
You’ll need to give me more information here, as I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

Could I ever do wwork experience with you? 
See my answer to question six. :o)

Do you get payed for being PETA Staff? 

Can you tell that I did that interview AAAAAAAAAAGES ago? And I think that I started to annoy her by the end, but I wanted to be one of those Animal Super People that swoop in on animals being held ransom or whatever...

Keep dreaming!*


*New tagline. You likey? Or want-to-put-in-a-bin no likey?

Revived by Cat Patrick

My forty-eighth book review this year is Revived by Cat Patrick.

Publisher: Electric Monkey at Egmont
Published: 1st May 2012
Pages: 328
Book: For Review
Format: Finished Copy
Contains: Mild swearing, drug references, mild violence

Genre: Thriller, Sci-Fi, Fiction

The world fades to nothing, and before I have the chance to think another thought...
I'm dead.

My name is Daisy West and my whole life is a lie.
I have died five times. I've beeen Revived five times. With each revival comes a new name, a new town... a new life.
But this time I won't let myself die.
This time, I've found a love that I can't let go.
This time, I'm going to make my life my own.

Daisy West. Daisy Appleby. What does it matter? 
When first Daisy died at the young age of five, she knew her life would never be the same again.  She was an orphan being brought up by Nuns, so when her chance comes along to have a new Dad, a new Mum, a new life, and all she has to do is keep quiet about her dark past, it seems all too good to be true. But her new parents are Agents, working on making the new drug Revive safe, so when you die, you can be sure that you'll wake up again the next day.
But when things start to fall out of place, and there's a new murderer in town, Daisy has to relocate. Again. And with her best, her only friend in hospital, can Daisy make something good with her new life?
And then Matt walks into her life. Handsome, sweet, kind, he seems to be the best boyfriend a girl could have. but when he asks her to steal from the Government, will she risk not only her life, but the life of her family?
And, when things get tough, will Daisy finally manage to face her fears, to kill the person once so special to her that she would risk her own life?

The first time I died, I was five years old.

This book was breathtaking. It was beautifully written, with suspense on every page. With its one-of-a-kind storyline, Revived will haunt any reader daring to pick it up. Addictive and original  Revived will keep you hooked till the very last page. 

As romantic as Shiver. As intense as Before I Fall.
Revived is unmissable.

Although Revive is brilliant, I did notice one or two flaws in it. On the cover it says that Daisy first died when she was five years old, but in the book (page 149) it says that she first died at the age of  four. Was this an error or did I miss something from inside the book? If you want to be really picky, I did notice one spelling mistake, and on page 282 it said 'Love, Audrey'. Unless this was a direct reference to the book 'Love, Audrey', I don't think they should have formatted it in that way as it immediately took me away from Revive and straight into the other book. Also, on page 84 it says, 'Lovely to see you again, Daisy,' Wade says as he offers his hand to me to shake.I fight the urge to roll my eyes or pretend to be British when I answer. Me being British myself, thought that it was maybe a bit racist to British people. But of course, that may just be my inner critic showing through.

I would rate this book an 8/10, and would recommend it for older readers. Revive was emotional and compelling, and I loved every second of it. I am so happy that Cat Patrick and her lovely publishers sent it to me to review. Thank you all so much for introducing me to such a wonderful book!

By the time I wake up, the house is quiet.

Everyone's gone.


WeIrD? wAcKy? WoNdErFuL?

Just a MEGA quick post because 1) I'm actually meant to be tidying my bedroom now (again!) and 2) I won't have a chance later because I'm sleeping round my sister's house.

First up, can everyone SEE my new cupcake background? Emily from Emily's Chronicles  says that all she can see is white... is that happening to EVERYONE?

Today's post WAS going to be about how weird it is that we remember stuff like how to make banana crumble with added raisins and how to bluetack your niece's teddy to a kite and, well, stuff like that, but instead I'm just going to leave you with one quick thing that I can remember from when I was a kid.

I was in the Co-Op in Wales, and was reading from their 'Celebratory Cards' section (bad habit), and, of course, the one card that I can remember OFF BY HEART is THIS one...

Hey Diddle Diddle,
The cat did a piddle,
All over the bedside clock.
The little dog laughed
To see such fun,
Then died of electric shock!

Kinda weird, right?

What things can you remember from when yoou were little that are just a bit WEIRD or FREAKY or, like mine, just a TEENSY BIT DISTURBING?



This month's SWAP THAT BLOG! is...


Charli is from the FABOO blog Life Through Rose-Tinted Sunglasses, which has been running since 16th June 2012 and has written 59 posts so far. I would put up her blog button but she hasn't emailed it to me yet... *glare*

Oh wait!  just found her blog logo-type-thing, which is on like her fifth ever post, so here it is!

From now on, I'm going to write a poem for the blog owner of my monthly SWAP THAT BLOG!, so... here's Charli's!

Her blog is unlike the rest,
She started the 'Just One Page' campaign,
And today her bag leaked in the rain, (click HERE!)
She likes the Black Eyes Peas,
She doesn't feel strongly on cheese, (right?)
She has 3,159 pageviews,
She's done one or two book reviews,
She sometimes updates us on the news,
She's never EVER done an interview, (yet)
She thinks my blog is witty! WOOHOOO!(:

Sorry it's not one of my best pieces, but I had to scroll down the page to find out her views and everything so my flow was...

And since she SPECIFICALLY asked me to write about the Just One Page campaign, here's what it is in her own words...

"I want to get everyone reading- whether it's a story, fact book, magazine or even the menu at the cafe. So join me in my quest to get everyone reading... Just 1 Page! The promise is in the name: It's a pledge to read a page or more of something, every day. It doesn't take long! "But it's boring Charli!" I hear you cry! But it isn't! You can travel the world within 5 books, or just go to a boarding school for 2 terms if you follow a series. Reading is amazing... you can go abroad for only £5.99... It would be great if everyone who pledgers puts the logo on their blog, whether with a message and link or not, or at the end of a post. You don't have to, but I would appreciate it!"

I've already got the button on my sidebar, but I'm going to say it  anyway...



*Email me at theawkwarddonkey.blogspot.com if YOU would like to do SWAP THAT BLOG! with me sometime(;

This Post Is Better Than No Post. RIIIIIIIIGHT?!

You guys are rubbish! Only Ruby and Jessica replied to my last post, and I am in DESPERATE  NEED FOR HELP!!

Tragedy #1. I'm meant to have seven pages, but only five are coming up. What do I do?

2. I found that my computer says I'm not following anyone on their blogs... Is that true or are you all ready to own up to the fact that Google Chrome is rubbish?



5. I've changed my background. What do you think? Because I don't know what to change it to! Help!

6. I'm still ill. But, I think you'll all be relieved to know (riiiiiiight?) that I HAVEN'T got meningitis(: *phew*

So, only a short post as you've all been NO HELP WHATSOEVER (except for Ruby and Jessica(: ). There. You deserved it.


*What should my new tagline be? HELPPPPPPPP!! *pleading face*

Firstly, Secondly, Thirdly, Fourthly, Fifthly... Can You Tell I Couldn't Think Of A Title For Today?

First up, I was messing about with my Pages, and now I've lost two of them. Or at least, I think I have. Can you tell me how many you can see because there should be six...?

Secondly, whilst browsing on my favourite blogs (as I so oftenly do), I found that my computer says I'm not following anyone... Is that true or is this really just a rubbish computer?

Thirdly, if I know what I'm going to post about tomorrow, should I tell you the day before to build up suspense? Like, tomorrow's post is NO, I AM NOT A RECOVERING ALCOHOLIC. Do you think I should tell you the day before the post as to the post's title or..?

But just a quick post because I'm ILL with a stuffed nose and swollen throat and a head with a tiny marching band inside it... Sympathy chocolates please(:

Makes no sense but it says, 'Hey... umm... what're you doing Saturday night..? Busy..? Oh. Okay. I'm sorry...'

Ignore my random notes in rubbish handwriting above it...

This is like the first ever sketch of Edwin Starr! (I will literally CRY if you don't know who Edwin is..)

Yeah, umm......

AND, FOURTHLY, how does everyone make those brilliant tag lines that they paste at the end of each post? Or are they INCREDIBLY easy and I'm just too lazy to work it out?

Oh, also, FIFTHLY, I've changed my background again... what do you think? I don't know... I'm just trying to find the right background for my blog. Any suggestions?


Everyday Person Of The Month

So, for this month's Everyday Person Of The Month, as it was such short notice *pfft, I so DIDN'T forget...* is... MY MOTHER! It was really weird as I had to try and be formal in true journalist fashion, and since the computer shows no emotion as to what her voice was like, some of the answers are quite blunt... ENJOY!

Hello, Mrs Williams, how are you today?
Fine thank you.

What do you work as? 
I am a school cook.

What do you have to do in that job on a day-to-day basis?  
Prepare and cook dinner and dessert for 200 children. Make sure the kitchen is clean and tidy. Do lots of paperwork. Take care of the ordering and deliveries and making sure my staff do their jobs and are happy.

Do you enjoy it? 
Love it!

Do you get payed much? 
Not at all!

Is it hard? 
Hard, heavy and demanding.

How long have you wanted this job? 
Didn't want it but the hours fitted in with my daughters schooling.*

What were your previous jobs? 
I have been a professional chef and restaurant owner, a singer and a long time ago an estate agent.

If you could be anything else in the world, what would you be? 
A journalist.

Do you have any advice for young people aspiring to be what you are? 

So, there you go!(:


*That's me, by the way!

22nd, 23rd, War Poem and a BRILLIANT Skinny Love Cover..

There was no post on the 22nd because I went to the Beer And Wine Festival (LOVED it - couldn't stop dancing, and now I'm signing up for saxophone lessons(: ) and then the 23rd was Twilight Day where I just stayed in all day watching all the Twilight films back-to-back...

Anyway, here's another War Poem I wrote for English...

They said I wouldn't make it,
Said I wouldn't survive,
They said I'd ought not fake it,
Said to keep away from lies.

They said my heart'd stop beating,
Said my lungs would explode,
They said I'd give up eating,
Said I should do as I was told.

They said I would stop walking,
Said that the others would all mock,
They said I'd give up talking,
Said I wouldn't last the shock.

They said I would stop breathing,
Said I'd better behave,
Now I know they weren't just cheating,
As there's no view from my grave.

Whatcha think?!

I was reading it in time to THIS and I think they go perfectly together(:


p.s. I've also added a lot of people to my sidebar - comment if I've left you out(;


Sorry! Couldn't resist rearranging my sidebar again! Well, right now I'm at the library (because I'm sleeping round my nan's tonight as we're going to a festival with the rest of the family tomorrow!!(: ), trying to blog and write an essay at the same time. So here, as promised, is my NEW YORKEY OF THE MONTH!!

 Oh. slight problem. It's not letting me download the pictures I'd saved from Google maps onto this library computer for some reason... Snap.

And when I type its really loud because the library is silent.. I'm getting various glares from everyone around me right now...

Okay, so I'm going to have to mix up tomorrows post with todays post, and since tomorrows post was a review on Party At Silver Spires...

Party at Silver Spires

My name’s Nicole Williamson and today is the very first day of my new life at Silver Spires Boarding School for Girls. I can’t believe I’m here at last after all the days and weeks and months of waiting. I’ve actually only been here about two hours, but everything is just as brilliant as I’d hoped and dreamed it would be.
There are six of us in this enormous bedroom, or dormitory as it’s actually called, and we are all sitting cross-legged on our beds, talking across the room to each other. When I look at my duvet cover I can imagine for a moment that I’m still at home, as we’ve all brought our own duvet covers with us, but then when my eyes travel round the room I feel a million miles away from home because everything else is so different.
The dormitory is completely square with a lovely green carpet, and the walls are painted in a colour that I would describe as apple white. My dad’s a painter and decorator, so I know lots of different paint shades, as I’ve seen them on colour charts and in brochures and things. There are two big windows, with curtains that are patterned in dark green and white splodges and go right down to the floor. I think all the green in here is because the Year Seven dormitories in all six boarding houses are named after precious stones, and ours is called Emerald, which is a beautiful green stone. The light seems to stream through the windows, which makes it really bright and I love the way it all feels so modern and luxurious. I’ve never ever stayed in such a beautiful room before.
I must stop thinking that I’m staying here like a visitor, though, because I’m actually living here, and that feels so exciting – but also scary, as I’m not used to it yet.

I was a bit hesitant to read this book at first, because I thought the front page looked a bit too young for me. But once I'd started reading it, I found that I really enjoyed it.

Nicole has just started her first ever year at Silver spires, and so far it's been prefect. A perfect dorm, perfect friends, perfect teachers, but there's just one problem.

Nicole has got a secret that nobody can find out, otherwise it'll sure be the end of everything. And she seems to have already have made two enemies - Suki and Antonia.

Antonia is from Italy, and speaks poor English. She hates what Nicole wears, she's always quiet around her, and she's always just there, glaring at her.

Suki is the posh, rich, snotty kind. She always makes Nicole feel bad about herself, and if she ever found out about her secret...

I would rate this book an 8/10, and would recommend it for ages 8+. I didn't expect the ending to go like that, but I did expect everyone's reactions to her big secret...

A fun, light read that'll have you in either stitches, tears, or begging for more.

The only bad thing about it?

I am now seriously begging to go to Boarding School.


NEW LAYOUT! And Update On Little Green Seed ~Monthly~

Noticed my new layout? Colour? Sidebar? What do you think? Do you like it? Or did you like it better the way it was before?

I was going to review a few books today, but I need to stick to my calender otherwise it'll all be messed up. So, here's my monthly update on Little Green Seed!

Isn't he big?(:

And incase you were wondering, these photos were taken on my camera BEFORE my niece broke it *whimpers* .

Oh, and some are a bit blurred because I had to dangle my arm out of the window to take them...

Read, Write, Dream - New York is just around the corner!*


*Should this be my new slogan? I don't think it's that good... any suggestions?

5902, Chalk and The Great Fantasy Including New York, An Awesome Accent And A Fairly Ugly PE Teacher...

Oh. So I give you lot like FIVE DAYS to comment on my last post, and still it remains empty. Is that a hint that you don't want me to do Makeries?!

Anyway, if you remember rightly, I said that for my 5000th pageview I'd do something awesome. And now, at 5902, I've decided to post the (old) pictures of that something.

I found some chalk, cleaned my walls, and...

Giant Rollerskate!


Hard to read? SMILE When the world stars watching. LAUGH When the world goes blind...


It is what it says on the tin...

A bit of a belated post, but oh well(:

And GUESS WHAT? With my friend Sophia, I am going to join the new PE club... LACROSSE! And why, you may be asking yourself, am I going to this traumatizing club?


His name's Matt and although he may be fairly ugly (but hey, you can't win them all), HE'S FROM NEW YORK! So technically I am only going so I can swoon over his voice whilst a rainbow dives from out behind him and I can muse over life when I'm 16 and going to a college in New York...


Makery Of The Month!

Stuck for things to make this weekend? Well here's an idea that will FILL YOU UP with joy! Get it? No? Okay then.

Well these miniature crisp packets are really easy to make. All you need to do is get a eat some crisps from a crisp packet (hard job, but someone has to do it), wash the packet out (once you've finished eating, obviously), dry it, flatten it out onto a flat baking tray, and just put in the oven for ten minutes. And then you will get either...

Rubbish ones that fold in on themselves..

Ones that curl around themselves..

Ones that resemble a fish..

Ones that have a bubble (that are popped by your evil cousin..)

Or, an almost-alright one.

Just a quick post today because my sister's kids are coming down again *groan* and I need to hide my stuff before they break everything (like my *sniff* camera..)...


War Poem, Competition Entries, And A Big HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO To The Weekend!

First up, do you guys wanna hear a poem I wrote in English about the war? It doesn't make much sense, but I knew you'd want to see it!(:

The sky was a thick oily clack,
The clouds were orange and grey,
As I heard another gun shot,
I thought back to The Day.

Mother was weeping, sorely so,
Dad didn't raise a brow,
Sister smiled and patted my back,
But they didn't want me to go.

On my way to the Trench From Hell,
I opened up my bag,
Inside I found an envelope,
Which made me angrily mad.

'Dear Joe,' was written on the front,
I'm surprised Mother had gone that far,
But on the back it said, 'from Dad,'
I ripped it up and threw the pieces to the floor.

Day One I saw my best friend get shot,
Hanging off the building by my hand, he said,
'Please don't let me fall,'
Just as the bullet went through his head.

The doorway to our bloodied camp,
We still had to do more,
Pushing back what I thought was a curtain,
Was a dead zombie hanging from the door.

Kicking through the broken limbs,
I sat down on my own,
Wondering what the letter had said,
Wishing I was home.

And I think I've FINALLY managed to upload all the entries!


My runner up was Orli!

donkey on.jpg

In Third Place was Jessica!

In Second Place was Marian!
In First Place was Jasmine!

And all my other entries...









And now, we have OFFICIALLY started the weekend(: You can just sit back and relax, stuff yourself silly and not worry about homework deadlines and assemblies you have to lead next Monday and Tuesday...


The Smallest Wotsit In The World

I want to cry. Honestly, I do.

My nieces and nephews came round last night, and they broke my camera screen.


So, from now on, all the photos you see will be either before the Big Break, or they'll be all fuzzy because I can't see what's on the screen.

Honestly, they are never EVER allowed back in my bedroom EVER again.



Anyway, a few days back, whilst eating a packet of Wotsits, I came across this very VERY small orange cheesy thing.

It is...


BLURRY. (and you can see my slightly overflowing art box..)


*sings 'I'm Flying In The Air'*



Is it weird that I'm THIS in love with a Wotsit?

Do you guys have something as cool as THIS?!


Are You A Copy-Flamingo Or An Original-Donkey?

Okay, so I bought a new calender, and I've written down what I'm going to post about for the next couple of days. And today's was 'how do you draw'. So, I went through a bunch of my drawings, and came across these...

This is the doughnut-thing from the Moshi Monsters website. The people up the road from us work for the magazine and do the comic strip, and said I could do some work experience with them. so here's the first draft of five Moshling-things... 

The duck called DJ QUACK..

I just went on Google to try and find its name, but it actually has freckles and eyelashes... but hey, I think my one's cuter(;

These two are pretty rubbish, but I thought I'd show you anyway.

I think I'm better drawing my own stuff than copying others (like my failed Moshi Monsters attempts). This boy was meant to be a mouse but oh well..

Characters for my new debut children's series (I went into the future by a few years, and apparently it becomes a best seller)... *laughs*

And that's all for now! I'm going to leave you on a cliffhanger so big, it'll.. er. It'll.. be quite big.

So are you more a copy-flamingo than an original-donkey?


p.s. I don't know why my competition images aren't showing up. I'm copying and pasting them directly from the email?