Brain Freeeeeeeeeeze

Just a VERY quick post, because I'm going to sleep now because I'm just soooooo tired because all my family came over today and I am MENTALLY EXHAUSTED (can't you tell by my 3X because's?).

Firstly,  I'm not moving to Wales, as my Welsh family is moving down here.

Secondly, my competition ends on the 10th and I've got a GAZILLION BRILLIANT prizes!! *evil laugh*

And thirdly, do you get brain freeze? I've never had brain freeze, but I get stomach, neck and back freeze. Is that weird? And how do you eat ice-cream? Do you let it melt in your mouth or do you go straight in for the kill and chew it?


p.s. I chew it.


  1. Normally, i just let my ice-cream melt, but there's this AWESOME ice-cream place called Marble Slab that mixes stuff into the ice-cream! My fave is Cinnamon and Irish Dark Chocolate with Crispy Crunch mixed in. :)

  2. How can you CHEW ice-cream?? CRAZY CHILD. I get a brain-freezes, but only if i'm drinking soemthing really cold, like a just-under-frozen milkshake or summat. My favourite ice-cream would have to be Ben & Jerry's Caramel Chew-Chew. Mmmmmm ... I'm salivating at the thought! Oma-freaking-nom!