Firstly, Secondly, Thirdly, Fourthly, Fifthly... Can You Tell I Couldn't Think Of A Title For Today?

First up, I was messing about with my Pages, and now I've lost two of them. Or at least, I think I have. Can you tell me how many you can see because there should be six...?

Secondly, whilst browsing on my favourite blogs (as I so oftenly do), I found that my computer says I'm not following anyone... Is that true or is this really just a rubbish computer?

Thirdly, if I know what I'm going to post about tomorrow, should I tell you the day before to build up suspense? Like, tomorrow's post is NO, I AM NOT A RECOVERING ALCOHOLIC. Do you think I should tell you the day before the post as to the post's title or..?

But just a quick post because I'm ILL with a stuffed nose and swollen throat and a head with a tiny marching band inside it... Sympathy chocolates please(:

Makes no sense but it says, 'Hey... umm... what're you doing Saturday night..? Busy..? Oh. Okay. I'm sorry...'

Ignore my random notes in rubbish handwriting above it...

This is like the first ever sketch of Edwin Starr! (I will literally CRY if you don't know who Edwin is..)

Yeah, umm......

AND, FOURTHLY, how does everyone make those brilliant tag lines that they paste at the end of each post? Or are they INCREDIBLY easy and I'm just too lazy to work it out?

Oh, also, FIFTHLY, I've changed my background again... what do you think? I don't know... I'm just trying to find the right background for my blog. Any suggestions?



  1. I can only see five pages
    Love the new background btw :)

  2. I think I preferred your old background :) also, you are still following ME!! (lucky you, right...)