*drags lazy body over to computer* *glares at empty screen* *sighs*

I'd planned this UBER-COOL post today, but since I slept round Imogen (my cousin) 's again last night and finally went to sleep at about 2:00am, and since I've walked her dogs like SEVEN times and my body can't take the excersize, and I've got my interview with my SAM tomorrow and that's meant to be my LAST DAY OF FREEDOM and I can't even be bothered to type, I'm in a very BLATANT mood.

On a brighter note, my competition closes TOMORROW, and the prizes are absolutely BRILLIBUBBLE, so ENTER PLEASE(:

But on a duller note, I can't find out how to write a post on Blog For Joy, the blog that I was invited to write for. Help?

And I deleted all my Googled pictures from my new Tumblr because I'm now v. v. paranoid about copyright.

AND I have the dentist tomorrow.

Could teenage-dom get ANY worse!?!?!?!


p.s. Am I the ONLY ONE having pre-school blues? And the only one that cannot be bothered to type on her v. v. beloved blog?


  1. i can't post on blog for joy either! :( x

  2. I'm sorry, I don't understand what's going on...

  3. Are you joined up to the blog and recognised on it as one of the writers? Sometimes Blogger does very stupid things which us mere users do not understand ... And, hey! It's only SCHOOL, right? I mean, what is the very worst that could happen? apart from Maths and French and Physics and Chemistry and crap teachers and classrooms perpetually and without fail being either far too hot or far too cold. *shudders*