Makery Of The Month!

Stuck for things to make this weekend? Well here's an idea that will FILL YOU UP with joy! Get it? No? Okay then.

Well these miniature crisp packets are really easy to make. All you need to do is get a eat some crisps from a crisp packet (hard job, but someone has to do it), wash the packet out (once you've finished eating, obviously), dry it, flatten it out onto a flat baking tray, and just put in the oven for ten minutes. And then you will get either...

Rubbish ones that fold in on themselves..

Ones that curl around themselves..

Ones that resemble a fish..

Ones that have a bubble (that are popped by your evil cousin..)

Or, an almost-alright one.

Just a quick post today because my sister's kids are coming down again *groan* and I need to hide my stuff before they break everything (like my *sniff* camera..)...


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