NEW LAYOUT! And Update On Little Green Seed ~Monthly~

Noticed my new layout? Colour? Sidebar? What do you think? Do you like it? Or did you like it better the way it was before?

I was going to review a few books today, but I need to stick to my calender otherwise it'll all be messed up. So, here's my monthly update on Little Green Seed!

Isn't he big?(:

And incase you were wondering, these photos were taken on my camera BEFORE my niece broke it *whimpers* .

Oh, and some are a bit blurred because I had to dangle my arm out of the window to take them...

Read, Write, Dream - New York is just around the corner!*


*Should this be my new slogan? I don't think it's that good... any suggestions?


  1. I love the schedule on your blog! And it's sooo cool that the Swap That Blog is MINE!! Yay!

  2. You should add those book reviews :)
    Ruby -

    p.s Is Gandelf a new fish?

    1. My blog button's on my blog if you still want any..:)

  3. This layout is much better! I love it! Green's such a nice colour (:

  4. HELLOOOOOOO. You said you followed my blog but you're not there! GRRRR ;) Just kidding. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! Very cute!

  5. YES YES YEPPITY YEP! The colour is waaaay better. (I'm not exactly obsessed with pink)
    It's knida reminds me of the sea?...? aqua? no?
    Oh and I aso have a qustion what is "swap that blog with me".
    I'm very sorry if you posted about it and I missed it I'm just a little confudled!!!

  6. It's very nice, I like it better than before!
    Also: NO IT SHOULD NOT! IT SHOULD NOT BE YOUR NEW SLOGAN! WHY DO YOU EVEN NEED A SLOGAN?! EXACTLY! YOU DON'T! Seriously, Read, Write, Dream - New York is just around the corner! is like one of those crappy taglines you see on chicklet novels: In a world falling apart around her, can she follow her heart? or In times of devastating war, their love is under threat...