Amy's Fashion Advice... *turn away if you're easily scared*

Okay, so I'm NOT scheduling posts EVER AGAIN. As you can tell (since there was no post yesterday), it didn't work *glare*. So here's the post you were MEANT to read, YESTERDAY.

I've decided that when I'm older I want the be a fashion journalist, and criticise models in their PUG-AWFUL clothes. So, here's my first round of 'Amy's Fashion Advice - ENJOY!!

Model one's outfit is completely wrong. The shoes match the undershirt, though everyone knows that the shoes should match the accessory. In this case, the accessory would be the cardigan. This model is trying to let the light coloured trousers show off her legs, but the style is all wrong. Instead she should have had black trousers, a a white top with a black belt around the waist to tuck in her square body, and white shoes. And just scap that cardi, something that ugly does not belong on Google..

An outfit that I would have pieced together for model one is..

A floaty orange top, darker at the bottom to hide her round hips and hide her manly shoulders, but flaunt the feminine shape of her arms.

Tuck it into this skirt, and VOILA, she has a waist.

The shoes she had tried to wear was obviously trying to make her taller. But, there's  a more subtle way, and that's with these shoes.

A lighter hair colour will bring out her eyes, whilst enhancing her sharp cheekbones.

Now, onto model two.

First up the dark colour really gives her grey-ish looking skin. She'll need to compliment the black with white, if she wants cleaner-looking skin. The ruffles in this really hide her waist, giving her an oval look. She'll need to avoid this sort of outfit, as it completely clashes with her body shape. Instead, wear a black and white dress, tight at the waist, with loads of curves to show off her inner 'her'.

I would recommend...

A dress like this would be perfect for the model's body shape. It pulls in the waist, but pushes out the hips. The ruffles at the bottom would her look slimmer than with a straight dress, whereas the white bit would enhance her figure.

Matching shoes would be a must for this dress. Before she wore dramatic wedges really not helping her, but now she'll look taller, look like she has smaller feet due to the white, and it'll go with her outfit.

Long, dark hair with a fringe will give her face a lift, looking younger and more approachable.

Thanks for listening to my fashion advice, and let me know if there's any PUG-AWFUL outfits that you'd like me to advise.


p.s. What do you think on the Fashion Journalist idea? And should I do 'Amy's Fashion Advice' every month or  something?


  1. Wow you can good! Can't wait for results on Monday :)

  2. By the way, may have solved your schedule issue :) If yous set the date and time, you have to press publish, and in your post list, it will say Scheduled. I've been doing it with my Sunday Picks post as we normally go out on Sunday and Sunday Picks is the one thing I like to always do :)