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Okay, so I'm going to have to mix up tomorrows post with todays post, and since tomorrows post was a review on Party At Silver Spires...

Party at Silver Spires

My name’s Nicole Williamson and today is the very first day of my new life at Silver Spires Boarding School for Girls. I can’t believe I’m here at last after all the days and weeks and months of waiting. I’ve actually only been here about two hours, but everything is just as brilliant as I’d hoped and dreamed it would be.
There are six of us in this enormous bedroom, or dormitory as it’s actually called, and we are all sitting cross-legged on our beds, talking across the room to each other. When I look at my duvet cover I can imagine for a moment that I’m still at home, as we’ve all brought our own duvet covers with us, but then when my eyes travel round the room I feel a million miles away from home because everything else is so different.
The dormitory is completely square with a lovely green carpet, and the walls are painted in a colour that I would describe as apple white. My dad’s a painter and decorator, so I know lots of different paint shades, as I’ve seen them on colour charts and in brochures and things. There are two big windows, with curtains that are patterned in dark green and white splodges and go right down to the floor. I think all the green in here is because the Year Seven dormitories in all six boarding houses are named after precious stones, and ours is called Emerald, which is a beautiful green stone. The light seems to stream through the windows, which makes it really bright and I love the way it all feels so modern and luxurious. I’ve never ever stayed in such a beautiful room before.
I must stop thinking that I’m staying here like a visitor, though, because I’m actually living here, and that feels so exciting – but also scary, as I’m not used to it yet.

I was a bit hesitant to read this book at first, because I thought the front page looked a bit too young for me. But once I'd started reading it, I found that I really enjoyed it.

Nicole has just started her first ever year at Silver spires, and so far it's been prefect. A perfect dorm, perfect friends, perfect teachers, but there's just one problem.

Nicole has got a secret that nobody can find out, otherwise it'll sure be the end of everything. And she seems to have already have made two enemies - Suki and Antonia.

Antonia is from Italy, and speaks poor English. She hates what Nicole wears, she's always quiet around her, and she's always just there, glaring at her.

Suki is the posh, rich, snotty kind. She always makes Nicole feel bad about herself, and if she ever found out about her secret...

I would rate this book an 8/10, and would recommend it for ages 8+. I didn't expect the ending to go like that, but I did expect everyone's reactions to her big secret...

A fun, light read that'll have you in either stitches, tears, or begging for more.

The only bad thing about it?

I am now seriously begging to go to Boarding School.



  1. I've read the one about Sasha in this series :) this is actually the second series of Silver Spires, I've read all the 1st, the first ones are about Hazeldean :)

  2. I've read some books in a series by Enid Blyton called The Naughtiest Girl in the School and they made me want to go to a boarding school like Whyteleafe(the school in the book). It sounded so much fun but I love my home!