'Peace' Earrings

A massive THANK YOU to Lucie Greenfield of Wear It Happy for sending me a gorgeous pair of earrings for review!

WearItHappy customises vintage fashion to create your own ID. It allows you to shop online for a quick and easy way to renew your wardrobe ♥

These earrings are perfect for events such as festivals, gigs (I might wear them to a friend's gig in three weeks with a romper suit!), meals out, or even just for lounging in front of the television watching the Twilight Saga.

These earrings aren't so heavy that they weigh your earlobes down, yet they look fantastic! They're comfortable, and unlike earrings with straight stems and backs, they won't fall out either. They don't irritate, although they should be taken out each night before you go to bed.

A twist on high street fashion. Be unique from everyone else, WearItHappy items are one offs!

Customising clothes and accessories from vintage recycling, adapting the current fashion. WearItHappy recreates for a more eco friendly environment and modifies clothing to its best. 

Postage and packaging charges: £3.00 for clothing items. £1.00 for accessories.

Any specific orders please ask :)

I love the style of these earrings, and they have a Boho look about them. They'd look good matching with anything from a lace top, flower headband, ripped shorts and converse, to a long velvet dress and clumpy black wedges.

Tweet the Wear It Happy crew at @WearItHappy
Facebook the Wear It Happy crew at www.facebook.com/WearItHappy
Email the Wear It Happy crew at wearithappy@hotmail.co.uk

Transparent Hanging Glass Vase

Thank you so much to Jason Zhao from YY Customized Glass for sending me two of their gorgeous transparent hanging glass vases.

One of the items arrived broken, as might be expected as it was sent from China. The shop owner responded quickly to this problem. The other is hanging in my kitchen with a succulent inside and it looks quite nice.

I have to be honest and say that the glass is so unbelievably thin that one of the vases smashed during shipping, which was to be expected as they had been sent all the way from Choucheng, China. However, after reading previous feedback about YY Customized Glass, I discovered that Jason is always happy to remidy issues.

The glass vases have small curvings at the top, so that they can be hung from products such as branches, fairy lights, and in this festive season, Christmas trees. They hold up well when just placed staning up, without rocking or falling over due to their flat surface. I chose to do this method, and the glass vase that didn't break looks just fine.

Bien reçu emballage très bien !!

The glass globe terraium is stunning, and just so thin and delicate! It is a beautiful shape, and can be filled with anything (within reason!), from sand to miniture figurines. I chose to fill it with scented wax pieces, and the glass holds up fine.

A wonderful exhibitor always polite and it is quick.

Also, when you order with YY Customized Glass, you get free online tracking, which is quite interesting and always a great idea when paying money online.

Unusual glass home decorations for parties, weddings, etc.

Visit the YY Customized Glass's Etsy, at: http://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/157439881/hand-made-clear-glass-swan-sculpture?ref=shop_home_active

Art of Candles

Thank you to Nicky from Art of Candles for sending me a selection box full of her lovely candles, they really are amazing.

"From small beginings we have increased our range of handcrafted candles to include everything from cupcakes, animals, bananas to large Wedding & Occasion Candles.

We are a family buisness where everyone helps out from my mum who is second in comand, to my husband & children for moral support and my niece who is trying to improve my photography skills!"

Honeycomb Candle

This candle is 100% beeswax and hand rolled. It has a beeswax covered wick which enhances the burn time. I love honeycomb and the candle smells absolutely divine!

However, it does need to be weighted as it was quite hard to get to stand up by itself.

Scented Wax Bags

Each shape is unique with no two the same. They're made using brightly coloured dye, and are scented to smell gorgeous.

Lego Shaped Crayons

These are handmade with a marble effect, and are multi shaded. They also come with a small lego shaped colouring sheet. They're TINY, and look great grouped together upon a shelf or side table.

Bottletop Candles

These are probably the best-smelling products sent by Art of Candles, with a sweet mimosa scent. They are also recycled, so there's no need to worry about the environment with these. Apart from a bit of flickering when lit, they burn perfectly.

Mushroom Shaped Candle

The Art of Candles mushroom candles are each unique, with slightly different colouring and shaping. They are handmoulded with a marble effect, and absolutely gorgeous! It did take me a few times to light it as it kept fading out, but was completely fine after the third lighting.

"We have to use a variety of skills to insure our candles end up in your homes. From the first idea, to making moulds, to the science of candle making, to the dipping and carving.
The effort is always worth while when we see our finished product and can say we made that.

Now based in the beautiful city of Canterbury we feel at home with all the creative shops on the Kings Mile in the city centre only a stones throw from the Cathedral. Visit us and watch the candles being made while you browse the store."

All of the Art of Candles product are handmade, and their beeswax candles are excellent for allergy sufferers. Their all enviromnentally friendly and smell great - Nicky's house must smell amazing!

Check out the Art of Candles website at artofcandles.co.uk , and for more information you can email them at mail@artofcandles.co.uk

Again, thank you to Nicky for sending me such gorgeous candles to review!

'Hoot' the Crochet Owl

Thank you so much to Joan of Tre-Vorr for sending me a gorgeous crochet owl called 'Hoot'!

"I taught myself to crochet years ago, aged about 9, and it's been a hobby until recently as there are only so many times you can give someone a scarf of gloves for a present! The first thing I ever made was a lovely baby blue beret with a large, pink tassle on it. I was so proud wearing it. Thank god there are no photos.

Fast forward to being a mum, housewife and part-time cleaner, longing to be clever enough to make a living doing something I love. Enter Tre-Vorr! 

I decided to see if I could sell my items. I stand at local craft fairs and Table Top sales and I also sell handmade (not by me!) charity cards for Rwandan orphans."

Hoot is handmade with brightly multicoloured 100% acrylic yarn, with buttons for eyes and a felt beak. Hoot also 'likes heavy rock music and eating chicken'.

"I finally finished "real" work in March 2013 to let me concentrate more on crafting. Although crochet will always be my real love, I`m beginning to play with other mediums. Watch this space!!"

It must have taken a while to crochet such a small item, and it looks like it took a lot of effort!

Joan makes all her items in a smoke free and pet free area, using mostly King Cole yarns. "I occasionally go mad and try stuff like Boodles, but I`ve found that`s too heavy to work without crocheter`s cramp so it`s back to acrylic and cotton!"

"I hope you find something inside to appeal to your taste. Small commissions undertaken. Everything is available in different sizes or colourways, just message for more information.

I mostly follow patterns with my crochet although I do adapt them to make them more my own. I prefer large items to make. Owls like Hoot are OK but fiddly and require more concentration.

I also love dogs, history, walking, reading, and geraniums."

Go check out the Tre-Vorr Facebook at www.facebook.com/TreVorrCrochet
Visit the Tre-Vorr Wow Thank You at www.wowthankyou.co.uk-tre-vorr

Again, thank you to Joan for sending me one of her gorgeous creations!

Hogwarts Acceptance Letter

Thank you so much to Melanie of Dynamic Alley Wizardry Emporium for once again sending me one of her amazing products to review!

"Our Wand Shop offers character inspired wand as well as unique designs. We can also do custom orders. Our wands are made from wood dowels, designed in a variety of methods, and sealed for durability.

The Apothecary offers potions and ingredients for your wizarding needs. The corks on our potion bottles are glued in to prevent spills and messes. Potions are for display only and should not be consumed (household ingredients are used), imagination provides the magic for these potions.

Stop by the Book Shop for your personalized Hogwarts acceptance letters, wand pens and composition books, journals and more!

Browse Jewelry and Charms to find fun Harry Potter inspired jewelry and polymer clay items."

I was extremely excited to review this item, not only because I'm a massive Harry Potter fan, but because I knew from my previous collaboration with Melanie that it would be flawless.

The paper is tinted and reasonably thick, with the school emblem on each page. I loved the fact that it says 'REDIRECT LOST LETTER' on the envelope, because Hogwarts was meant to send me this letter when I was eleven. Honestly, Hogwarts.

"I like to find different ways to make jewelry that is inspired by events, items or characters in the books/movies. I want them to reflect the inspiring element, and also reflect some of who I am and my vision for that element. My goal is to create uniquely inspired jewelry."

The letter itself is very official looking, and has all the details needed on a Hogwarts acceptance letter. I now know what equiptment to take, the animals from which I can let accompany me (owl, of course), and when I start.

I am honestly going to frame and treasure this letter, and boast to everyone that I got accepted into Hogwarts. 

"Sometimes, inspiration strikes all at once, and I'll know exactly what I want to do. Other times it comes in bits and pieces, and I try to jot them down in the notebook where I wrote down the idea. I look for inspiration for my ideas on the internet, in magazines and stores, and in everyday life."

I really am so thankful to Melanie, as this is one of the best products I've ever been sent!

Also, just for being a reader of this amazing blog, you automatically get a 10% discount at the checkout when you buy any product from Melanie's shop, just by entering the code BLUESCARF100.

Go to www.facebook.com/dynamicalleywizardry for the Dynamic Alley Facebook page, or visit www.etsy.com/shop/dynamicalley for the Dynamic Alley Etsy shop.

You can also check out the last item sent to me by Melanie, at http://awkwarddonkey.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/amortentia-world-most-powerful-love.html

Dynamic Alley is the home for many of your wizarding needs...

Melanie is also on Etsy as cheekersdenim

New York tee and Tribeca tee

Thank you so much to Marcus of 12 Dollar Tshirts for sending me not one but TWO of his lovely t-shirts!

"Hi, this is J&M from the Etsy shop NotWantNeed. 

This is our spin-off shop that focuses solely on our other passion, vintage t-shirts!! We own a ton and find a bunch when we're out hunting. We thought this would be the best way to present them, without the eclectic clutter of our other shop ;) 

We follow two rules here; only cool tees, and always only twelve bucks! 

We hope you see something you dig!"

    New York top

    I was so happy to receive this t-shirt, because I absolutely adore New York! Granted, my perception of the city is based entirelly on American sitcoms, but even so, I was so excited that 12 Dollar Tshirts sent me such a lush shirt!

    It is made with 50% cotton and 50% polyester, and is just SO soft! I love how it has a ribbed neckline, and that it is a vintage piece from the 1990's.

    It looks great with anything, be it a denim jacket, skater skirt,  or even knee-length boots and three-quater length jeans. 

    Tribeca top

    I really wasn't expecting a second top, but I'm so glad I received it! Tribeca is a place in Lower Manhattan, New York, so I was chuffed that it was sent for review! 

    It is made with 100% prespun cotton, so it won't shrink in the wash at all, and just like the New York top, it is incredibly comfy! It too has a ribbed neckline, and is the sort of t-shirt that would look great against bright jeans and bold accessories.

    Check out the 12 Dollar Tshirts' Etsy at www.etsy.com/uk/shop/12dollarTShirts

    Again, thank you so much for sending me such iconic tees!