Transparent Hanging Glass Vase

Thank you so much to Jason Zhao from YY Customized Glass for sending me two of their gorgeous transparent hanging glass vases.

One of the items arrived broken, as might be expected as it was sent from China. The shop owner responded quickly to this problem. The other is hanging in my kitchen with a succulent inside and it looks quite nice.

I have to be honest and say that the glass is so unbelievably thin that one of the vases smashed during shipping, which was to be expected as they had been sent all the way from Choucheng, China. However, after reading previous feedback about YY Customized Glass, I discovered that Jason is always happy to remidy issues.

The glass vases have small curvings at the top, so that they can be hung from products such as branches, fairy lights, and in this festive season, Christmas trees. They hold up well when just placed staning up, without rocking or falling over due to their flat surface. I chose to do this method, and the glass vase that didn't break looks just fine.

Bien reçu emballage très bien !!

The glass globe terraium is stunning, and just so thin and delicate! It is a beautiful shape, and can be filled with anything (within reason!), from sand to miniture figurines. I chose to fill it with scented wax pieces, and the glass holds up fine.

A wonderful exhibitor always polite and it is quick.

Also, when you order with YY Customized Glass, you get free online tracking, which is quite interesting and always a great idea when paying money online.

Unusual glass home decorations for parties, weddings, etc.

Visit the YY Customized Glass's Etsy, at:

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