'Peace' Earrings

A massive THANK YOU to Lucie Greenfield of Wear It Happy for sending me a gorgeous pair of earrings for review!

WearItHappy customises vintage fashion to create your own ID. It allows you to shop online for a quick and easy way to renew your wardrobe ♥

These earrings are perfect for events such as festivals, gigs (I might wear them to a friend's gig in three weeks with a romper suit!), meals out, or even just for lounging in front of the television watching the Twilight Saga.

These earrings aren't so heavy that they weigh your earlobes down, yet they look fantastic! They're comfortable, and unlike earrings with straight stems and backs, they won't fall out either. They don't irritate, although they should be taken out each night before you go to bed.

A twist on high street fashion. Be unique from everyone else, WearItHappy items are one offs!

Customising clothes and accessories from vintage recycling, adapting the current fashion. WearItHappy recreates for a more eco friendly environment and modifies clothing to its best. 

Postage and packaging charges: £3.00 for clothing items. £1.00 for accessories.

Any specific orders please ask :)

I love the style of these earrings, and they have a Boho look about them. They'd look good matching with anything from a lace top, flower headband, ripped shorts and converse, to a long velvet dress and clumpy black wedges.

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