Art of Candles

Thank you to Nicky from Art of Candles for sending me a selection box full of her lovely candles, they really are amazing.

"From small beginings we have increased our range of handcrafted candles to include everything from cupcakes, animals, bananas to large Wedding & Occasion Candles.

We are a family buisness where everyone helps out from my mum who is second in comand, to my husband & children for moral support and my niece who is trying to improve my photography skills!"

Honeycomb Candle

This candle is 100% beeswax and hand rolled. It has a beeswax covered wick which enhances the burn time. I love honeycomb and the candle smells absolutely divine!

However, it does need to be weighted as it was quite hard to get to stand up by itself.

Scented Wax Bags

Each shape is unique with no two the same. They're made using brightly coloured dye, and are scented to smell gorgeous.

Lego Shaped Crayons

These are handmade with a marble effect, and are multi shaded. They also come with a small lego shaped colouring sheet. They're TINY, and look great grouped together upon a shelf or side table.

Bottletop Candles

These are probably the best-smelling products sent by Art of Candles, with a sweet mimosa scent. They are also recycled, so there's no need to worry about the environment with these. Apart from a bit of flickering when lit, they burn perfectly.

Mushroom Shaped Candle

The Art of Candles mushroom candles are each unique, with slightly different colouring and shaping. They are handmoulded with a marble effect, and absolutely gorgeous! It did take me a few times to light it as it kept fading out, but was completely fine after the third lighting.

"We have to use a variety of skills to insure our candles end up in your homes. From the first idea, to making moulds, to the science of candle making, to the dipping and carving.
The effort is always worth while when we see our finished product and can say we made that.

Now based in the beautiful city of Canterbury we feel at home with all the creative shops on the Kings Mile in the city centre only a stones throw from the Cathedral. Visit us and watch the candles being made while you browse the store."

All of the Art of Candles product are handmade, and their beeswax candles are excellent for allergy sufferers. Their all enviromnentally friendly and smell great - Nicky's house must smell amazing!

Check out the Art of Candles website at , and for more information you can email them at

Again, thank you to Nicky for sending me such gorgeous candles to review!


  1. These are such clever ideas!
    I think the bottletop and lego candles are my favourite.
    Marian ^_^ x

    1. They are! However, my favourite was definitely the honeycomb, it smells divine!