New York tee and Tribeca tee

Thank you so much to Marcus of 12 Dollar Tshirts for sending me not one but TWO of his lovely t-shirts!

"Hi, this is J&M from the Etsy shop NotWantNeed. 

This is our spin-off shop that focuses solely on our other passion, vintage t-shirts!! We own a ton and find a bunch when we're out hunting. We thought this would be the best way to present them, without the eclectic clutter of our other shop ;) 

We follow two rules here; only cool tees, and always only twelve bucks! 

We hope you see something you dig!"

    New York top

    I was so happy to receive this t-shirt, because I absolutely adore New York! Granted, my perception of the city is based entirelly on American sitcoms, but even so, I was so excited that 12 Dollar Tshirts sent me such a lush shirt!

    It is made with 50% cotton and 50% polyester, and is just SO soft! I love how it has a ribbed neckline, and that it is a vintage piece from the 1990's.

    It looks great with anything, be it a denim jacket, skater skirt,  or even knee-length boots and three-quater length jeans. 

    Tribeca top

    I really wasn't expecting a second top, but I'm so glad I received it! Tribeca is a place in Lower Manhattan, New York, so I was chuffed that it was sent for review! 

    It is made with 100% prespun cotton, so it won't shrink in the wash at all, and just like the New York top, it is incredibly comfy! It too has a ribbed neckline, and is the sort of t-shirt that would look great against bright jeans and bold accessories.

    Check out the 12 Dollar Tshirts' Etsy at

    Again, thank you so much for sending me such iconic tees!

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