Hogwarts Acceptance Letter

Thank you so much to Melanie of Dynamic Alley Wizardry Emporium for once again sending me one of her amazing products to review!

"Our Wand Shop offers character inspired wand as well as unique designs. We can also do custom orders. Our wands are made from wood dowels, designed in a variety of methods, and sealed for durability.

The Apothecary offers potions and ingredients for your wizarding needs. The corks on our potion bottles are glued in to prevent spills and messes. Potions are for display only and should not be consumed (household ingredients are used), imagination provides the magic for these potions.

Stop by the Book Shop for your personalized Hogwarts acceptance letters, wand pens and composition books, journals and more!

Browse Jewelry and Charms to find fun Harry Potter inspired jewelry and polymer clay items."

I was extremely excited to review this item, not only because I'm a massive Harry Potter fan, but because I knew from my previous collaboration with Melanie that it would be flawless.

The paper is tinted and reasonably thick, with the school emblem on each page. I loved the fact that it says 'REDIRECT LOST LETTER' on the envelope, because Hogwarts was meant to send me this letter when I was eleven. Honestly, Hogwarts.

"I like to find different ways to make jewelry that is inspired by events, items or characters in the books/movies. I want them to reflect the inspiring element, and also reflect some of who I am and my vision for that element. My goal is to create uniquely inspired jewelry."

The letter itself is very official looking, and has all the details needed on a Hogwarts acceptance letter. I now know what equiptment to take, the animals from which I can let accompany me (owl, of course), and when I start.

I am honestly going to frame and treasure this letter, and boast to everyone that I got accepted into Hogwarts. 

"Sometimes, inspiration strikes all at once, and I'll know exactly what I want to do. Other times it comes in bits and pieces, and I try to jot them down in the notebook where I wrote down the idea. I look for inspiration for my ideas on the internet, in magazines and stores, and in everyday life."

I really am so thankful to Melanie, as this is one of the best products I've ever been sent!

Also, just for being a reader of this amazing blog, you automatically get a 10% discount at the checkout when you buy any product from Melanie's shop, just by entering the code BLUESCARF100.

Go to www.facebook.com/dynamicalleywizardry for the Dynamic Alley Facebook page, or visit www.etsy.com/shop/dynamicalley for the Dynamic Alley Etsy shop.

You can also check out the last item sent to me by Melanie, at http://awkwarddonkey.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/amortentia-world-most-powerful-love.html

Dynamic Alley is the home for many of your wizarding needs...

Melanie is also on Etsy as cheekersdenim

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