why cold countries are underrated

Here I am in London, where we've only just reached fall (although it’s hard to tell as it's already pouring with rain and freezing) and yet I can’t stop myself from reminiscing the days last winter when I was back in Poland. It's a pretty random place to miss when you think about it, especially as I slept in the tiniest dingy little room with my newly demoted ex-boyfriend, only $200 to my name and without any grasp of the language - or warm gloves. It was a massive culture shock being served vodka and blocks of butter with my lunch, with the flight home consisting of the plane falling out of the sky several times as it fought against a storm with everyone on board screaming. It's the sort of trip most people would look back on and grimace, and yet here I am craving the disorientation, the new language, the beautiful backdrops, and just how everything completely disconnected me from the stresses of home life. If I'm completely honest with you, this one wacky little sojourn introduced me to the wonders of cold countries, and may have even started to turn me from a summer person to a cold, wrap-up-warm-lest-you-freeze-your-arse-off person - and here's why.

Less animals want to kill you, and they're all snowy and cute
Imagine, narwhals! Snow leopards! Arctic hares! Adorable little fluffy wildlife is something I'd rather look out at from my hotel window than, say, killer snakes and spiders. My cousin lived in Australia a while back, and loves telling the story of how he nearly put on his shoe before his friend warned him to shake it out first - and a highly venomous bug fell out. I simply don't have the balls or dedication to deal with that on a daily basis, and have a colossal hate for mozzies - something I doubt you'd find in -20 degree weather. Along with a distinct lack of pests, diseases don't tend to flourish in that climate either.

You feel better
This is mainly just from experience, but I find that you typically feel better when sweat isn't dripping into your eyes and you're struggling to breathe from walking up a shady sidewalk in 50 degree heat. I went to Turkey a few years back where they literally had to put warnings out on the television telling people not to leave their homes lest they overheat and die. Imagine, I went to the Aegean for a warm summer holiday but instead ended up spending it at the bar in the shade. At night, all you need in cold weather is a nice duvet to fall asleep, but in hot countries there's nothing you can do except sleep in the fridge.

Hot coco!
I stand by the fact that one of the greatest joys in life is hot coco, and the only reasonable time to drink it is when you're freezing your bum off in a foreign country. Imagine holing up at a snowy table with a hot chocolate in your mitten-clad hands as a bunch of snowboarders whizz past, or inside a warm car with ice crystals on the windows as you glance out over the aurora borealis. It's so much better than when you've got perspiration sliding down your eyebrows, and definitely makes the colder moments sweeter.

Less drunken English tourists
Whilst I've loved going to slightly warmer places like the canary islands, I hate that most people just visit for a cheap piss-up, doing things like knocking your camera out of your hand and shouting drunken comments at you. By my reckoning, the further north you go, the less crazy tourists with regrettable tattoos and gonorrhea there are. Maybe it's just because Tenerife is a lot cheaper to fly to than Sweden or because the drinks are insanely expensive, but I'm pretty chuffed with it either way. 

You appreciate the hotel room more
When I went with my ex-boyfriend to Poland we stayed in the ugliest, most cramped room ever, and normally I would have completely hated it. But coming in from freezing, slightly uncomfortable weather to this cosy little room with blankets, junk food, and the Peep Show on Netflix, I was super happy every time we went back. The staff were super rude, our neighbours kept using the water I'd just boiled in the kettle, and from the outside it looked slightly like we were in a public prison - but it turned out to be the most fun I'd had on a trip in an age, and I was lucky to share it with someone who became my best friend. Cold countries and odd experiences bring people together, and being able to laugh about it in a teeny little room with some pretzel sticks is one of those experiences you'll feel blessed to have had.

Cwtch your boo
I love being warm indoors in cold weather, by a little fire and wearing super fluffy socks. Staying somewhere cold also gives you the opportunity to cuddle in closer with your loved one - plus it's super adorable to look out and see snow and mountains and people messing around on ski lifts together.

Health benefits
Cold weather is proven to be better at tightening and toning your skin, and being surrounded by fresh alp air and clear water makes you feel instantly better. Merely standing around being cold burns calories, and the lower climate outside aids inflammation within the body. Along with helping you sleep better, giving you more energy, clearing your mind, and helping you breathe easier, some studies suggest that colder weather even produces longer lifespans. Imagine, you get to spend more time on the earth feeling better - and you get to make snow angels!

Winter sports
I have been dry-skiing in warmer countries, and honestly, I don't think that it really lives up to the hype of normal skiing down snowy saloons that are dotted with little huts selling fratwursts and warm pastries. When it's icy out, you can ice-skate on frozen lakes and ride a snow mobile, along with bob-sleighing, snow kiting, and sledding down hills with your friends. I can assure you that by contrast, no one's looked at Namibia on a map, sighed, and wistfully said "man, I wish we could go to Namibia so I could do sports that make my fringe stick to my forehead with sweat".

Nordic lakes and swiss mountains
The gorgeous landscapes of colder countries really can't be matched. Whilst I adore the concept of visiting the Sphinx or looking out at elephants in the wild, I am also fiercely drawn to the idea of being able to stare at some incredible sights that have been carved wholly by nature, whilst throwing snowballs at people. It's pretty insane when you're in places like this to be able to look up at the view and realise that the backdrops are all natural wonders - especially when I clock that I've lived in the concrete jungle of London for the past few years.

Despite what a lot of people say, cold weather can be fun - and you might even fall in love with a trip to a colder country. For me, Poland is one place I am craving to go back to, but I'd also adore to visit someplace like Moscow or Iceland. The culture shock is straight up one of the best things to experience, but for me, I'll always be won over by a nice warm mug of hot coco.


  1. Beautiful photos! I never really think to go to Colder places but I'm sure that as long as you wrap up warm it can be really lovely! :) xx

  2. These photos are gorgeous, and I'm loving this post! I'm a huge fan of visiting colder places!


  3. Compared to London, where I live (in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, USA) is pretty cold. When I'm at home (nearby cities are generally a few degrees warmer), the average temperatures are about the same as London during the summer, but then during winter it's something like 20 degrees Fahrenheit colder based upon some charts I looked at. We often get a good number of sub-0 days, and that's in Fahrenheit (so sub-negative 17.8 C days). I don't mind it, but it can get to be a pain with roads sometimes, the amount of snow and ice.

    On a separate note, I saw your comment over at Emily's blog and saw that you've started at Uni. How's that going, and what are you studying? I've learned over the last few days that British Uni is very different from American college/university.

  4. All your reasons for visiting colder countries are excellent ones. Bring on that hot coco!
    Except for the lack of warm gloves it looks like you dressed well for the cold weather! I love your attitude about the minor adversities. Your photographs of the beautiful landscapes, villages , and the water are wonderful! That dock looks like it's in good shape! I suspect there will be snow on those hills and mountains before Christmas. I'm very glad you and your fellow passengers survived that harrowing flight - it sounds scary!


  5. I'm glad that with hindsight you're seeing the positives to your trip! :) I'm really more of a warm weather person than a cold weather - I don't handle the cold well. Probably as we don't have a lot of it here in Brisbane haha! It is nice to experience different temperatures now and then though!

    Hope you have a great weekend ahead of you!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  6. I'm different than you but maybe it is because I live in a region where it gets really cold, so, I will only travel to countries where it is warm.

  7. Some lovely photos and great thoughts on visiting colder locations!

    Much love,
    Marianne x

  8. I love this list of reasons, as well as your photos. Despite being a summer baby, I prefer the winter and cold weather in general. Perhaps this is why I continue putting up with New England's severe weather--because it balances out with especially cold winters.

  9. I actually prefer cold places! They are great for hiking - something I can't live without! Great post!
    Kira Is Wearing

  10. Nice photos!


  11. Amazing post, dear! A big hello from Germany!
    Hugs ♥
    LIANA LAURIE | My new video

  12. Yes! Hot coco and cold weather are great together! Nice photos!


  13. "Less animals want to kill you" hahah! Love this post. I think I've turned to a winter-lover myself.


  14. I live in a tropical country -- Phiilippines and always a summer person esp on rainy and cold days. But rain like snow are almost the same for it allows you to get a warm bed and sleep, more reason to stay in and drink anything hot-- this just makes me wanna visit a snowy country too, know the culture.

  15. Hot coco? Yes!! Favourite drink every for those cold days!! I need one now!
    Love your photos, so beautiful! x


  16. A wonderful post, dear ♥ And the photos are amazing!
    I will be happy with the friendship of blogs and signed up for your Blogger
    Julia Shkvo

  17. Nice post and photos! :) Kisses from Poland! xx


  18. I totally agree with all of these points. The photos look incredible in this post!

  19. Wow your pictures are stunning! As I've got older I've started to love cold countries too, in fact my favourite trip has been Iceland! Definitely agree about the less drunken tourists thing - I guess you lose the people who are just after booze and sun haha
    Amy xx

  20. So lovely pic! Such amazing atmosphere


  21. Love your post dear ♥
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  22. Loved this post!!! Last winter I have traveled to Croatia, (yes in Winter!! haha) and I loved it!!! Ice-skating out in the cold Zagreb was definitely one of my favorite memories!! :)


    Seize your Style

  23. ¡¡Hola Amy!! Yo no soy nada de extremos con el tiempo, no me gusta ni el excesivo calor, ni el excesivo frío, prefiero la primavera y el otoño para viajar a los países fríos. Por ejemplo, en mi ciudad más próxima, Valencia, no aconsejaría nada de nada, para viajar en verano, el calor es horrible y la humedad abrumadora, pero tampoco me iría a Moscú en pleno invierno, ja, ja. Por cierto, ciudad que me encantaría visitar, pero en verano.
    Cuando fui en agosto a tu país, tuve que llevar la chaqueta todo el tiempo, me pareció un clima más otoñal, pero mi familia, me decía que en España, el calor era insoportable, mientras que yo encantada por llevar mi manga larga durante todas las vacaciones, incluso en Manchester, no me hubiera estorbado un chaqueta mucho más invernal.
    Sea con frío o calor, lo cierto, es que viajar es un auténtico placer. Besitos.

  24. Very well written! You are so right that cold countries have their reasons to visit them. It's only different but also marvellous!

  25. It takes a special appreciation to enjoy the winter destinations. I live in Switzerland and it is so beautiful in winter, I can really appreciate it. I used to live in Hawaii and 1 season all year long outside of rainy season gets really boring.

    xoxo Falasha
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  26. As someone who lives in a tropical island country, cold countries are really underrated. Iceland is the only one being promoted a lot lately. But you made a very good point about visiting in cold seasons :)

    xx Alyssa | STYLE VANITY

  27. SLAY GIRL!! Love this post of yours. Check out my new post too.

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  28. I am more of a cold weather person myself. I don't mind warm weather but I HATE humidity and NY is very humid. Use to be 3 months out of the year but now it is close to 5, ugh not for me. And that trip did sound nuts and that plane ride OMG.

    Allie of ALLIENYC

  29. I! Agree! Honestly, I never really want to visit warm places. I'm pretty much always up for cold places. I love these photos, and all of your points are so! right!


  30. I’m trying to get my friends to go to Iceland but everyone says its too cold, but I think that’s the fun of it. It was 87 degrees in Northern California today, gotta love California. Nothing like a nice cold nose to keep your immune system strong :) Hot coco is pretty darn yummy and I’m sure each country has its own special version. I didn’t even think about all he awesome Winter Sports, ice skating on frozen lakes sounds magical.

  31. Such amazing photos!


  32. Oh, I see you had amazing and memorable experiences in Poland :) Personally, I'm not against the cold because with the right clothes one can bear the cold and you are right with what you wrote!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  33. I so agree with less animals that will kill you. In Norway the only poisonous animal I know of is a tiny snake called hoggorm and you don't see them that often anyway. You should visit our country or our city of Bergen. It's just an hour or so from London :)

  34. So many good points and such amazing photos! I love this post!


  35. Funnily enough, I love cold weather because I was raised in it. Pretty much our favourite season was autumn/winter and spring, but I don't like summer as much when it's too hot, however I appreciate it. Warm and cosy blankets and scarf weather is the best. Madison

  36. totally agree the cold is underrated. I moved to a hotter place this year and I so longed to be able to do cozy things that you do when you are cold. Loved this post. Such cute photos!
    Isabelle x
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  37. The pics looks amazing and the location is beautiful!!!
    Mónica Sors

  38. Colder placed certainly have their attraction, it is nice to come into a warm room after a nice long walk in the snow. I love seasons and always look forward to the colder months as well. You made me giggle by saying there are less animals that want to kill you - so true, it is nice if you don't have to look into your shoes before putting them on :-) Have a nice weekend!

    Miriam x

  39. You are definitely make me reconsider my stance on traveling to cold places- and it IS lovely to get all bundled up in the snow!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  40. Espectaculares las imagenes que nos muestras.

    Te dejo mi nuevo post, oriental vibes

  41. Hi there! Just came across your blog and let me tell you that I also enjoy a lot to visit cold countries, last year I went to Scandinavia in the middle of the winter and it was RAD, despite people telling me that it was not a good idea to visit the north of Europe in December

    Have a great evening and love the good vibe of your post!
    Hey Fungi Blog

  42. Okay, I LOVE THIS POST. I totally agree that cold countries are bomb. I always travel around March and I freaking love it. Not to mention I get to avoid all the tourists too. There is just something about being bundled up in another cold country. I love it!

    -Emily www.coatandcoffee.com

  43. You mention some real facts!! I need to give cold countries more of a priority in my travel wishlist :D


  44. This is an awesome post. I love reading about your travel experiences. Funny and witty as always. I agree with you Amy nothing beats a cup of hot chocolate on a freezing day.


  45. I don´t mind the cold (or the heat) as long as I get to travel and explore.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  46. stunning phootos - great post but I am typical love warm and even hot weather. Ok if it's more than 45oC I start to ferel it but I prefer this than -10oC :-)

  47. Agree there are ups and downs of everything :)
    Happy Friday!

  48. This was such a great point Amy, and you make SO much sense. I also feel as though cold-temperature destinations are totally underrated, in favour of lounging around on the beach all day (no thanks). Cold places definitely make you appreciate the tinier details more. Plus, the stark difference between freezing cold outdoors and then cuddling up warm indoors afterwards can feel really special. Beautiful post!


  49. I've just got back from Sweden so I can totally sympathize with this!! I'm glad there were aspects of your trip to Poland that were okay, my grandpa was Polish and I could never understand the food obsession with pickling everything!
    Have a lovely weekend :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  50. I like cold weather more than hot most of the time!


  51. Beautiful photos. The dock photo is so dreamy. I unfortunately am unable to go to cold places. I've gone into moderate hypothermia four times in the last cpl of years, three times in Florida! I'll admire the beauty in photographs!

    Kara Aragon

  52. Lately I've been loving the idea of living somewhere with colder climate actually. It's soo much better for your skin cause of less UV rays and your pores look smaller too. :) Hehe plus my boyfriend hates the heat.


  53. I'm glad you liked Poland :D Amazing post with great pics:)

  54. Haha your so cute and funny, I love a chillier climate... think that's the Brit in me

    Filipa xxx
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  55. It looks so peaceful! these photos are gorgeous!


  56. Love the landscape, babe! xoxo

  57. I hated the cold when I first moved from Malaysia to Canada. Born and grew up in a tropical country made me miserable in my first year living in Canada, it took me a long time to be climatized. Fast forward today and having lived here for more than 3 years, I have fallen in love and can't imagine living anywhere else.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  58. So many beautiful pictures!! I come from a cold country anyways, so it really doesn't bother me!




  59. I live in a tropical country and It gets crazy hot here over the summers and I hate sweating profusely!!! I think cold weather is better for the skin also since it closes off the pores so you tend to have less issues with acne/blackheads.


  60. WOWOW!!! Such stunning pics! We are from Canada so the cold doesn't bother us either! LOL!
    xoBeckerman Girls


  61. This post is amazing and this photos are gorgeous!

  62. Hi Amy, Amazing pics. The landscape looks so beautiful. I like countries with colder climate. Prefer it more colder than warm. :-)

  63. Poland definitely sounds like an underrated country because I never heard of anyone visiting there. Great ideas though! There's definitely a big appeal towards colder countries for me because their landscapes are so beautiful!


  64. In my heart I am a summer girl.
    But I get the love for autumn and winter. In the next week Christmas season is starting and I love the atmosphere during that time too.
    Love, Esther

  65. I loved reading this because.. Autumn/Winter are my fave months!! I'm yet to travel to somewhere colder than the UK.. I would love to go to sweden or Iceland x

    LAURA ­| Laura Thinks About

  66. The pictures are gorgeous. I've never experienced the cold, as I live in a tropical country but would like to see winter hopefully soon! :)

    Almari Writes. ❤

  67. Looks amazing!

    Molly X


  68. Wonderful photos!


  69. The temperatures have been flipflopping all over the place here in Ohio - several below 0 F - the coldest a few days ago was -12F, but today it was a heatwave at 38F! What's the coldest temperatures you've ever experienced? :)