Hidden Talents, Runaway Neighbours and My Future Husband...

My last post too long for you HMMM??? Couldn't be bothered to read it HMMM?? *pouts*

Anyway, I am now on a mission to discover my hidden talent. First I thought it was guitar, but I can't even tune mine up. Then it was rollerskating, but you have to start from a young age to become a 'professional'. Then, yesterday, it was ballet, but it's just SO BORING. And now, it is tap dance. So, I've spent the last few hours learning to dance from YouTube in my school shoes, and I've emailed a dance school about me being a 'dedicated dancer' and having 'potential'. But hey, you never know, I might actually have be of those, but no one's spotted my talent yet. It's possible, riiiiight?

I have school on Wednesday, and I'm hoping to have found my talent by then. My Welsh family is moving down to England, so I don't think I'm moving back to Wales, EVEN THOUGH I HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED INTO OLCHFA SCHOOL. So now I'd like to move to Oxted or Boarding School or New York because I can't face spending the next few years of my life surrounded by the same people. I have friends and everything, but there's no one I'm really close with. I mean, COME ON, I told my cousin my whole life story and the full 'behind the scenes of Amy's love-life...' Don't you think that's even just a TEENSY bit depressing?? I bet Tesco spiked my drink that day when she was over... *suspicious face*...

And, GUESS WHAT. Today, I was woken up at 8:00am (not impressed) by the our neighbours. Or at least I thought it was our neighbours. But no, it was some decorators. I was like 'you can't drill on their house. They're on holiday.' but they said, 'no. they don't live here anymore. They must have owed the council money or something because they're gone. Done a runner.' I was like OMG!! And thinking about it, there were some really suspicious people outside our house the other day. When my mother and I started walking to the car, they just leant against theirs, 'we're here.Picking up a friend. They're walking. To here. With a map. They'll be 20 minutes. Yeah. bye.' And NOW I THINK ABOUT IT, maybe they were like MI5 or the FBI (in England?) or something. I mean WOAH. So tomorrow, since their house is up for sale and we REALLY REALLY want it, we're going to see if we can go over the top of their gate into their garden and have a look in to see if we like it, and maybe walk the dog over their land... sneaky right(; I could have an action novel written about my life right now LOL(:

My competition is still up, so I'd LOVE it if you entered that *big 'Puss In Boots' pleading face*. As for suggestions for my hidden talent, FIRE AWAY. You never know, I might be so good at it that I get a free scholarship into the International School Of Hidden Talents NYC or something.

Whilst I was on YouTube, I found this singer that is SO BLATANTLY FANTABULAS that I wish he'd marry me...(: He has my glasses AND he lives in New York!! HOW COINCIDENTAL. (And Amy-Anne Goot has a nice ring to it.. *winky face* )

In love yet?(;


p.s. And all songs above belong to, obviously, Alex Goot.

My Playlist...

Are you just DYING to find out what songs I have on my phone? I haven't been able to check them because my computer's shockwave has crashed, so some are going to be lyrics instead of the proper music video... *glare*. And, I also have a few of my favourite adverts because I love the songs in them(:


Catchy right?(;

Hope you enjoyed!


p.s. I do not have ANY sort of copyright over these videos, they all belong to their rightful owners(:

My Trailer!(:

So you may have noticed that I've deleted all my awards from my sidebar and instead put them all on a new page, yes? Well now my blog will load MUCH faster (if it didn't in the first place) and images should be a MUCH better quality (if, again, they weren't already). You're welcome(: That doesn't mean that I'm not still accepting awards, but quite the opposite. Now you can award me AS MANY as you like, and I won't moan or groan or flabberone. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO(:

Anyway, just a quick post because I'm over my cousin's and I don't want to seem rude, so I'm just going to upload this IMMENSELY BRILLLTASTIC video that I made earlier(: ...




First up, do any of you guys know how to schedule a post? I'll love you forever if you let me know(: *what a brilliant offer, riiiiight?*

And secondly, welcome to...


Each month I will dedicate ONE FULL POST to someone in return for one of mine. And this month's 



SOPHIE over at A Day Dreamers World!


Sophie asked me if I would base this post on promoting her blog competition, and so here's the rules..

  • Your story has to be 500-1000 words long(I'm not too fussy so If you go a few words over or under please don't go running around your house, throw your laptop through the window and scream in frustration)
  • It will need to be about a summer holiday experience.
  • It can be fiction or non-fiction-it's up to you!
  • It will need to be exciting, interesting, original and something that will keep people gripped.
  • My Guest Judge is Kate Maryon! The top entries will be sent to her to help me pick a winner!
  • Make it your own, but don't add any personal information
  • The closing date is on the 24th August!
  • You can email all your entries to my new email address especially for this blog a-day-dreamer@live.co.uk
  • Please add your blogs address to the email so I can find you easily if you win.
  • If you have any troubles with emailing me your entry or anything else just comment.
  • I have the right to change the prizes at any time.

And what are the prizes to Sophie's competition...?


  • The winner will get the chance to choose 10 questions that they would like to see an author answer in an interview with me! 
  • Your story will be posted to this blog.
  • Your blog button will be added to my sidebar.
  • Your very own guest post on this blog!
  • Other prizes to come!

Runner up:

  • The runner up will get the chance to choose 5 questions that they would like to see an author answer in an interview with me!
  • Your story will be posted to this blog.
  • Other prizes to come!

Cool prizes, riiiiight?

But I don't know why she asked me to base this post on her competition and post it today when it's just closed, but she asked for it so...:L


Anyway, THAT was today's...


If you want to do next month's....


with me, then just email me at theawkwarddonkey@gmail.com and we'll decide on a date and subject(:

Also, tomorrow Sophie's doing a...


about my blog, so if you want to check it out... *hint hint*


p.s. My competition is still running.. and thank you to everyone who has entered so far(:

Continued... (with added music(: )

Would you like to listen to something whilst reading this? Well HERE YOU GO, I've put it up SPECIALLY FOR YOU(:

*continued from yesterday*

And Sophie nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award, so THANK YOU.

Marian also nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award (THANK YOU), and she also nominated me for the Toujou award. Here's what she asked me...

Favourite Flower?
Erm.. I don't really have one. But I like orange trees (no wonder), and they start out as flowers, don't they? *Dumb face*

Favourite Film?
I have GAZILLIONS of these. Like The Simpsons Movie and Mr Bean's Holiday and I think that Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging is quite good(:

If there was one thing you could do... anything... absolutly anything?( like go to hogwarts ;D)
Well.. I'd like to have magic powers... (see what you made me do by bringing up the 'H' subject... *tut tut*)

Team Jacob or Team Edward?
Jacob, obviously. I mean, COME ON, who REALLY wants a 100 year old man to be their boyfriend? SERIOUSLY!

How often do you paint your nails?(Weird question I know)
Every few weeks on a weekend in school time, but in the holidays I re-paint them like every day..

And then Nicola nominated me for the Adorable Blog Award, but she didn't put up any questions.. *evil growl*. And then she nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award, so THANK YOU.

I was awarded the Belle Award by Pink Lady, who asked...

Who is your celebrity heartthrob?
I don't really have one but Richard Whisker and Jamie Borthwick aren't too bad looking..(;

Fave Ice-Cream Flavour
Chocolate (with marshmellows and chocolate pieces and fudge pieces..)

All time favourite dance tune?
I don't have one. But, you know, that Reggae Reggae advert is quite catchy...

Stacey then nominated me for the Belle Award, and asked me these questions..

1. Did you ever think at any point 'I don't think blogging is for me anymore?'
Yes, when I came back from Wales and my views had only moved up an inch *death glare*

2. What are your favourite hobbies?
Listening to music, skipping ( (: ), jumping on an old mattress I found, eating chocolate, reading. Oh, and I LOVE *winning* competitions!! (visit here to enter my FABOO competition, with ACTUAL prizes!!)

3. What are your opinions on life after death?
... I don't think that we just DIE, because SOMETHING has to happen. Riiiiiiiight?

And then, I was just awarded the Simply Stunning Blog Award by Marian (THANKYOU), and there's probably a few awards that I've forgotten or whatnot..

SO, the people I'm going to tag are...

YOU. Yes, YOU. Because if you are reading my blog at this exact moment, then you must be very loyal and brilliant and I TOTALLY LOVE YOU. So, therefore, I am tagging YOU to ONE of these awards, of your choice. May it be Belle, Versatile, Toujou, Simply Stunning, your choice. But you can only pick ONE.

My facts are...

1. I LURVEEE my blog *virtual hug* !!

2. I painted my nails yesterday red, with the white bits of my nails blue.

3. I'm going to a donkey derby today!! SQUEEE!!

4. I need my hair cut...(:

And my questions to you are...

1.What's your favourite colour?

2.What's your favourite animal?

3.Whats your favourite number?

4. Have you ever heard of a *insert answer 1 here* *insert answer 2 here* with *insert answer 3 here* eyes?


Keep blogging!!!


Awards and Awards And Awards And... To Be Continued..

First up, I'm going to extend the competition closing date to the 5th September, but you'll still be told who the winner is on the 10th September. Welcome(:

I've got about fifty million posts that I want to do, and about fifty gazillions books that I have to review, so for today I'm going to be very blunt and do very boring answers until someone creates an award that you don't have to write about. And, I'm going to put all my facts and who I nominate at the bottom of the post, so I don't have to nominate about a thousand people and write about a thousand facts... okay?

This first one I was given to by Hikma over at http://baawisdombooks.blogspot.co.uk/  which was the Liebster Blog Award...

What's your favourite quote?
I don't have a favourite, but it'd probably be from one of my favourite artist's songs...

What is the most inspirational quote you've seen?
I've seen? Well, I haven't really seen a quote, so I'm sorry that I cannot answer this(:

Who or what makes you happy?
Chocolate, music, family.

Where do you feel most safe?
Anywhere where the music's so loud all you can do is be happy in your own little happy bubble... What? Am I the ONLY person that does this? REALLY?!

Who is your inspiration?
I have loads of inspirations, so I can't pick just one. But hey, you'll probably find out by the end of this post because I'm betting you're not the only person asking this?(:

If you had any super power, what would it be?
Luck. Incredible luck. That's what Stan Lee says as well *geeky face*

Who is your favourite book character?
Any that relate to me(;

Giveaways or competitions?

If you were a food, what food would you be?
Probably a hard boiled sweet that gets stuck in someone throat so they have to wash it down with coke and then it all spills out of their nose so they burst about laughing and then they realize that the sweet had fallen out of their mouth a LONG time ago..(:

If you were a leader of a country for one day, what would you do.
I'd rather be leader of the world for one day, but oh well.

If you were participating in the Olympics, what sport would you play?
Skipping? Rollerskating? Jumping on bed mattresses? I don't know, those are the only 'sports' I can do(: 

Next was Shakira (you see her blog button on her sidebar? I made that(: )  , so THANK YOU Shakira (there's no questions with this one *phew*)

Then  Pink Lady with the Versatile Blogger Award again, so THANK YOU.

Then Nicola with the Toujou Blog Award (see what she said about me on her blog(: )..

Favourite school subject?
English or Art or Design Technology or Food Technology.

City or countryside?
I live in the middle of the Nowhere Countryside, so YES, I'd go for City.

Save money or spend?
Oh how I'd LOVE to save, but I spend. I'm sorry, but for me it's IMPOSSIBLE to save...

Pens or pencils?
Pencils are easier, and you can actually WRITE ON THE WALL with them, whereas pens run out when you do that.

Early bird or night owl?
Early? ME? I find it almost impossible not to throw my alarm clock out of the window on school days..

Then Sophie--

Sorry, I'm going to have to finish this off tomorrow!! There's this really cool film on now called The Kid that I want to see........

SORREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! But in your spare time you could just, oh I don't know, ENTER MY COMPETITION?(:


I Am Now BACK FOR GOOD, With A Juicy New Chapter For You To Read(:

I am now back FOR GOOD. Sorry for the no-posts, but I'm SO OVER all that now. Besides, there was no way I could post, as I've only spent about ONE NIGHT in my own bed in the past few weeks, with NO ONE having computers (except for my cousin, but she INSISTED that I wrote Cecily Unibrow instead of Awkward Donkey..). As you know, my sister gave birth a week or so back, so I've spent many sleepless nights there, then I slept round my cousin's, then she slept round mine, and now I've got my sister's children (my nieces and nephews) over after sleeping last night (though minus the SLEEP). And ANYWAY, why SHOULD I come back when I've had LESS THAN A HANDFUL of people enter my competition? I know that I haven't entered any of YOURS, but just comment below with a link and I PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE that I will.

I have also been invited to write for THIS blog, which I THINK is a good thing, but you're still going to be my NUMBER ONE. And I SWEAR, no more no-posts from THIS day on, so SPREAD THE WORD!!

Oh. So I was just going to use this full post as my new intro, but it hasn't turned out very long... So here's the first chapter of a new book I'm writing, which I did originally put up on Cecily Unibrow, but I think you guys deserve to read it too, considering I abandoned you(;

'But that is just not true!' I cryed at the protester. 'I would never do anything of the such!'
'Yet you do not deny witchcraft.'
'No I do not! But I would never use my magic like that!'
'Oh really? Then tell us YOUR side of the story, Miss Rieta.'

It was cold outside, but I had to collect wood for the family. I was wrapped in my day to day brown dress, with a wobbly hem and several holes, and a silk scarf. I had no idea as to where the scarf could have come from, but after dreaming about a dark, mysterious horse and his rider, riding through the forest, it just appeared on my bedside.

In the distance I could hear people shouting with pleasure, as one poor innocent person was being tortured to death.

The weekly Witchery. 

Each week, the Mayor chooses one  feeble person to burn on the stake, to try and rid of the town's bad fortunes. It never works, but the next person to say that to him, dies.

I turned away from the noise, and ran into the woods. I cannot bear to be around such monsters. 

I walked to the back of the Green, to where a little abandoned cottage lives. Everyday someone from the  village stocks it up with timber, but leaves before midnight. I've never had a proper chance to thank them, as the cottage not only gives me wood, but it also gives me shelter when I want to get away from my family and their anti-witch ways.

I unlocked the door with my key stick, and sighed with relief to find that the wood was still there.

But what I wasn't relieved to see, was a visitor...


Was that apology good enough?(:


Baby Bounty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, WHY was there no post yesterday?

Was it because I was eaten by a man-eating spider?
Was it because I ate a poisoned jelly-baby?
Was it because I logged onto the computer and was then zapped into cyber-space?

Nope. It was because my sister gave birth to a b-e-a-UTIFUL baby boy!

She went into labor last night, when I was sleeping over her house. She lives in Croydon and on her street every neighbor is like a member of family, so the news spread like wildfire. Keira (my sister) was DETERMINED not to go to hospital because she's had so many false-shows already, but by the end all the kids of the street had learnt a whole new DICTIONARY of swear words, so Joey (the nanny of the neighborhood) drove her down to the hospital at 11:00pm, and then, at 4:00am my niece (Demi, aged eleven, ((and I have a younger niece called Frankie who's three, and a nephew called Michael aged seven)) ) and I were woken up by some AH-mazing news!


Bounty (or Bobby as my sister wishes to officially name him *never going to happen(: * ), was born at 3:57am on the 16th August, weighing 5lbs 15oz not breathing. But, he's breathing now, so all's good(:

I haven't seen him yet as I've just got home to pack my bags for my sister's house tonight (and to go on the computer(; ), so this is only a quick update on my life as I may not be able to post tomorrow, so I only have one photo that my sister sent me...

Photo: baby bounty!!!! my sister's still recovering(;

Isn't he CUTEEEEEE?!?!?!?


p.s. Enter my competition or die - http://awkwarddonkey.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/competition-time.html

My Grand HELLO(:

I am back from Wales and I am GUTTED. Not because I'm back in England (well, that too), but instead of my expected 8,000 pageviews, I've only just reached 4,000. *Silent cry* AND, what has happened to my sudden boost of comments? And awards? AND only TWO PEOPLE have entered my competition! I am thoroughly disappointed in you guys, so I'm going to delete this blog.


But still, I AM upset *serious face*.

Even so, I'm GIVING YOU A SECOND CHANCE. You can thank me later(; So head over HERE to enter, before I change my mind...(:

Also, it's a 95% chance that I'm moving back to Wales now, IF I find a good school *SQUEEEE*, and you will be following me EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. Riggggggggght?

My posts are going to be daily and constant again.

And my Britain's Got Talent application? No reply!! But I'm going to buy a few wigs, create an official stage name, and hopefully I will BEAT EVERYONE ELSE!!! If I get through to the live finals, I PROMISE I will announce my blog address live so that celebrities and average people alike find YOUR BLOG and make YOU famous(: (if, cough cough, you enter my competition..)

So, that is my GRAND HELLO. Not a very good Grand Hello, but a Grand Hello all the same.

Don't forget now!! (CLICK TO GO TO MY COMPETITION!)



Okay, so I'm STILL away (oh yes, I can hear you groaning), but I've got a COMPETITION ready for you!! It's just a short one, but it has ACTUAL PRIZES. Not just online ones!!

If you're boring and just want to jump to the chase, all you have to do is...

1. Become a member on my blog
2. Make me a blog button
3. Email it to me at theawkwarddonkey@gmail.com with your name and entry attatched, by the 5th September (winning entries announced on the 10th September), and tell me if you're NOT from the UK
4. Win great prizes.

But if you're amazing, then READ ON!!

For my first ever competition I was going to do masses and masses of prizes in a big presentation awarded by the President of the USA and the Prime Minister of the UK and the Queen. But of course, I'm still in Wales, so my FIRST EVER COMPETITION isn't going to be as totally awesome as that. Maybe next time..?

Anyway, all you've got to do is make me a new button for my blog(: SIMPLES!

And you can use THIS if you want to come 2nd or 3rd, but the WINNER will create one from scratch (oh yes you will(; )

'But, hey!' I hear you cry. 'What do we win?!'

Well, here's what you win...


-A MYSTERY BOOK supplied by A MYSTERY AUTHOR (hint; best author that ever lived)
-The button made by you will be my NEW blog button (no pressure)
-You will have a mini-review written about your blog by MOI

-A Guest Post on my blog, linking back to yours so you become famous(:
-Your button added to my sidebar
*Sorry, but for postage reasons you have to be in the UK to come first place, please tell me beforehand if you're not from the UK. Sorreeeeee xxxxxx


-You will have a mini-review written about your blog
-A Guest Post on my blog
-Your button added to my sidebar


-A Guest Post on my blog
-Your button added to my sidebar

And then just email me at theawkwarddonkey@gmail.com with your entry attached, all by the 5th September (entries announced on 10th September)
Just LITERALLY send me your name and entry, and if you win THEN I will contact you asking for your address. I promise I will delete your address once it's sent off, but if you're still uncomfortable with it then just sent me your name, school year and school address IF YOU WIN. Then just tell your school and they will give it to you (if they're nice).

You don't need to be a certain age, but you HAVE to be a member of my blog to enter(:

So, to recap...

1. Become a member on my blog
2. Make me a lovely pretty blog button
3. Email it to me at theawkwarddonkey@gmail.com with your name and entry attatched, by the 25th September (winners announced on the 10th September), and tell me if you're NOT from the UK
4. Win great prizes(:

And that's it(:

BUT, if you want to score extra brownie points, you can also put up a link somewhere on your blog leading to this post *winky face*

Got it?

Then GOOD LUCK!!!!



WHY?? Why would I do that?!?!?!

I'm in the library again, having a total mental breakdown.



Okay. So I'm just going to come out with it.

I just sent off an application for Britain's Got Talent.

They sent me a confirmation email.

And I CONFIRMED IT!!!!!!!!!


It was just a spur of the moment thing.


I'm an alright singer, but I just CAN'T SING IN FRONT OF PEOPLE.


And if you know me personally in ANY WAY AT ALL, please DON'T tell anyone. I wouldn't want to get their hopes up.

Besides, I'm going by a fake name.


My hands are shaking, and I feel nervous just THINKING ABOUT IT.

But, I'm going to be brave. Go by a fake name, see if I can do it, and if I can't, then I'd have lost NOTHING AT ALL.

I'll be FINE.


I'm definitely doing it, though.

But hey, they might not even email me back.

Phew. That's calmed me a bit.



*Short post, but I'm not going into details. HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Where'd Amy Go? Oh THERE She Is...

Right now I'm in a library surrounded by a crowd of... oh, maybe four people? Two or which are librarians having a good old natter, and ones a little 10-year-old playing war zombie games, and the other is a late-twenties-old man with two piercings on the side of is head surfing facebook playing EXTREMELY LOUD songs through his headphones.

Yep, I'm in Wales.

I have a full hour-18-minutes to type this up, so you better be ready..

Okay, so I have no idea on how long I've been here, because old two-piercings-on-his-head-loud-music-listener-er-er has completely frazzled my memory, but I CAN tell you things that I HAVE done that have glued themselves to the back of my mind for all eternity.

Ooh, exciting, right?

Well, my best friend Alana was ill when I arrived, so I just unpacked my bags and got myself settled the first day.

Day two was spent--

This man is doing my head in. And it's the SAME SONG OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

--Day two was spent with my second bestestestest friend Chloe, and we--

"You're a little late, I'm already to-or-or-nnn..."

--danced and watched TV and played with the dogs, just like old times. I slept over hers that night and--

"I am cold and I am chained, laying naked on the flo-or-or-rrrr..."
--Okay, so just a quick summary then.


-Gone to the cinema with Chloe+sisters, and watched Ice Age 4. After an hour an a half of watching, I got up and found out that I'd been sitting on a chocolate button the whole time. Everyone else must have thought that I was SO SCARED throughout the film, that I had actually POOED MYSELF. Such fun.

-Slept over Chloe's.

-Slept over Chloe's again.

-Walked the dog over Chloe's, so our dogs could catch up.

-Went to the park to give everyone else a chance to remember me. "Gawd Amy! You've changed!" "Erm, so have you..?"

-Went to the park with Alana and Jamie-lee (another friend) and elbowed someone in he butt because he looked really dodgy and approached us after smoking some things I CANNOT mention on this for the sake of younger readers...

-Went into town with Alana and bought a load of stuff, like bracelet charms and a skipping rope ( (: ) .

-Went over Chloe's to watch the Olympics.

-Went to McDonalds various times.

-Had many awkward encounters with people I may have forgotten about until recently...

--How much better can this day go? Now I've got two creepy Primary kids behind me reading everything I'm writing and I am SO INTIMIDATED): .

Sorry, but this library isn't helping my amazing writing skills flourish. I shall be back tomorrow (or the day after, or the day after that...) because 10-year-old game maniac has a scarily good aim with a gun, old two-piercings-on-his-head-loud-music-listener-er-er has seriously got a problem with good music taste, the two Primaries are whispering and giggling over my shoulder, and the two librarians are talking about 'what Julie did last weekend'...