Hidden Talents, Runaway Neighbours and My Future Husband...

My last post too long for you HMMM??? Couldn't be bothered to read it HMMM?? *pouts*

Anyway, I am now on a mission to discover my hidden talent. First I thought it was guitar, but I can't even tune mine up. Then it was rollerskating, but you have to start from a young age to become a 'professional'. Then, yesterday, it was ballet, but it's just SO BORING. And now, it is tap dance. So, I've spent the last few hours learning to dance from YouTube in my school shoes, and I've emailed a dance school about me being a 'dedicated dancer' and having 'potential'. But hey, you never know, I might actually have be of those, but no one's spotted my talent yet. It's possible, riiiiight?

I have school on Wednesday, and I'm hoping to have found my talent by then. My Welsh family is moving down to England, so I don't think I'm moving back to Wales, EVEN THOUGH I HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED INTO OLCHFA SCHOOL. So now I'd like to move to Oxted or Boarding School or New York because I can't face spending the next few years of my life surrounded by the same people. I have friends and everything, but there's no one I'm really close with. I mean, COME ON, I told my cousin my whole life story and the full 'behind the scenes of Amy's love-life...' Don't you think that's even just a TEENSY bit depressing?? I bet Tesco spiked my drink that day when she was over... *suspicious face*...

And, GUESS WHAT. Today, I was woken up at 8:00am (not impressed) by the our neighbours. Or at least I thought it was our neighbours. But no, it was some decorators. I was like 'you can't drill on their house. They're on holiday.' but they said, 'no. they don't live here anymore. They must have owed the council money or something because they're gone. Done a runner.' I was like OMG!! And thinking about it, there were some really suspicious people outside our house the other day. When my mother and I started walking to the car, they just leant against theirs, 'we're here.Picking up a friend. They're walking. To here. With a map. They'll be 20 minutes. Yeah. bye.' And NOW I THINK ABOUT IT, maybe they were like MI5 or the FBI (in England?) or something. I mean WOAH. So tomorrow, since their house is up for sale and we REALLY REALLY want it, we're going to see if we can go over the top of their gate into their garden and have a look in to see if we like it, and maybe walk the dog over their land... sneaky right(; I could have an action novel written about my life right now LOL(:

My competition is still up, so I'd LOVE it if you entered that *big 'Puss In Boots' pleading face*. As for suggestions for my hidden talent, FIRE AWAY. You never know, I might be so good at it that I get a free scholarship into the International School Of Hidden Talents NYC or something.

Whilst I was on YouTube, I found this singer that is SO BLATANTLY FANTABULAS that I wish he'd marry me...(: He has my glasses AND he lives in New York!! HOW COINCIDENTAL. (And Amy-Anne Goot has a nice ring to it.. *winky face* )

In love yet?(;


p.s. And all songs above belong to, obviously, Alex Goot.


  1. Seceret talent, hmmmmmm... Singing? Acting? You did win a competition a few months back(I remember seeing the video on here) My entry will be sent to you soon-got to be perfect, really want to win!!

  2. And now there's an ambulance outside?? SCARY!! But I haven't got your entry yet..?