Where'd Amy Go? Oh THERE She Is...

Right now I'm in a library surrounded by a crowd of... oh, maybe four people? Two or which are librarians having a good old natter, and ones a little 10-year-old playing war zombie games, and the other is a late-twenties-old man with two piercings on the side of is head surfing facebook playing EXTREMELY LOUD songs through his headphones.

Yep, I'm in Wales.

I have a full hour-18-minutes to type this up, so you better be ready..

Okay, so I have no idea on how long I've been here, because old two-piercings-on-his-head-loud-music-listener-er-er has completely frazzled my memory, but I CAN tell you things that I HAVE done that have glued themselves to the back of my mind for all eternity.

Ooh, exciting, right?

Well, my best friend Alana was ill when I arrived, so I just unpacked my bags and got myself settled the first day.

Day two was spent--

This man is doing my head in. And it's the SAME SONG OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

--Day two was spent with my second bestestestest friend Chloe, and we--

"You're a little late, I'm already to-or-or-nnn..."

--danced and watched TV and played with the dogs, just like old times. I slept over hers that night and--

"I am cold and I am chained, laying naked on the flo-or-or-rrrr..."
--Okay, so just a quick summary then.


-Gone to the cinema with Chloe+sisters, and watched Ice Age 4. After an hour an a half of watching, I got up and found out that I'd been sitting on a chocolate button the whole time. Everyone else must have thought that I was SO SCARED throughout the film, that I had actually POOED MYSELF. Such fun.

-Slept over Chloe's.

-Slept over Chloe's again.

-Walked the dog over Chloe's, so our dogs could catch up.

-Went to the park to give everyone else a chance to remember me. "Gawd Amy! You've changed!" "Erm, so have you..?"

-Went to the park with Alana and Jamie-lee (another friend) and elbowed someone in he butt because he looked really dodgy and approached us after smoking some things I CANNOT mention on this for the sake of younger readers...

-Went into town with Alana and bought a load of stuff, like bracelet charms and a skipping rope ( (: ) .

-Went over Chloe's to watch the Olympics.

-Went to McDonalds various times.

-Had many awkward encounters with people I may have forgotten about until recently...

--How much better can this day go? Now I've got two creepy Primary kids behind me reading everything I'm writing and I am SO INTIMIDATED): .

Sorry, but this library isn't helping my amazing writing skills flourish. I shall be back tomorrow (or the day after, or the day after that...) because 10-year-old game maniac has a scarily good aim with a gun, old two-piercings-on-his-head-loud-music-listener-er-er has seriously got a problem with good music taste, the two Primaries are whispering and giggling over my shoulder, and the two librarians are talking about 'what Julie did last weekend'...




  1. Haha, I've tried blogging during Computing before but you soon realise that there are several people reading what you're writing...that won't happen again though cause we've picked our subjects now so NO MORE COMPUTING FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE EVER! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

  2. By the way m'dear I've nominated you for the Toujou Blog Award and the Top Blog Award. Aren't you just the luckiest person alive? ;)
    No url for the Top Blog Award cause I've not put it up yet, but it will be up at 2pm next Saturday (at least - if this scheduling lark works out).

  3. Hehee! Sounds great! I've never been to Wales, but it sounds lovely :L Like Emily, I too have found that blogging in a public place is near to impossible. You've always got the uncanny feeling that some peeping Tom is reading everything you're writing ...

    Would you be kind enough to enter my writing competition? Not that i'm desperate or anything but ... I'm desperate :S

    Rose (: