My Grand HELLO(:

I am back from Wales and I am GUTTED. Not because I'm back in England (well, that too), but instead of my expected 8,000 pageviews, I've only just reached 4,000. *Silent cry* AND, what has happened to my sudden boost of comments? And awards? AND only TWO PEOPLE have entered my competition! I am thoroughly disappointed in you guys, so I'm going to delete this blog.


But still, I AM upset *serious face*.

Even so, I'm GIVING YOU A SECOND CHANCE. You can thank me later(; So head over HERE to enter, before I change my mind...(:

Also, it's a 95% chance that I'm moving back to Wales now, IF I find a good school *SQUEEEE*, and you will be following me EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. Riggggggggght?

My posts are going to be daily and constant again.

And my Britain's Got Talent application? No reply!! But I'm going to buy a few wigs, create an official stage name, and hopefully I will BEAT EVERYONE ELSE!!! If I get through to the live finals, I PROMISE I will announce my blog address live so that celebrities and average people alike find YOUR BLOG and make YOU famous(: (if, cough cough, you enter my competition..)

So, that is my GRAND HELLO. Not a very good Grand Hello, but a Grand Hello all the same.

Don't forget now!! (CLICK TO GO TO MY COMPETITION!)



  1. I'M SORRY! So glad that you're back, and it's great to hear that you *probablywillbe* moving back to Wales!:D I'm just going to make a button...

  2. I would love to enter your comp! But sadly I'm rubish and designig things and am having great difficulty re-doing my blog! But I'm glad your back :D


  3. Hey. I've entered your wonderful comp. Did you get it?
    I really like that whole creative side.
    Welcome back!
    Marian :D x

  4. I'm glad you're moving back! You sound dead excited, so ... :L And DON'T I JUST KNOW IT about the zilcho entries thing. Same. Here. Well, not entirely. I have four entries. When i get a spare half hour i shall enter yours, but i am Proper Busy so it, um, it m-may not, uhm, well, you see, uhh ... i-i may not be able to enter. (Pleasedon'tkillme.) (Sorry.)

  5. When did i hear about you moving back ! *CRYS SOFTLY* now we can not make are sucsessful family career together! i guess if u do want to go back to the dragons then.............. anyway what is your talent again for britans got talent