I Am Now BACK FOR GOOD, With A Juicy New Chapter For You To Read(:

I am now back FOR GOOD. Sorry for the no-posts, but I'm SO OVER all that now. Besides, there was no way I could post, as I've only spent about ONE NIGHT in my own bed in the past few weeks, with NO ONE having computers (except for my cousin, but she INSISTED that I wrote Cecily Unibrow instead of Awkward Donkey..). As you know, my sister gave birth a week or so back, so I've spent many sleepless nights there, then I slept round my cousin's, then she slept round mine, and now I've got my sister's children (my nieces and nephews) over after sleeping last night (though minus the SLEEP). And ANYWAY, why SHOULD I come back when I've had LESS THAN A HANDFUL of people enter my competition? I know that I haven't entered any of YOURS, but just comment below with a link and I PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE that I will.

I have also been invited to write for THIS blog, which I THINK is a good thing, but you're still going to be my NUMBER ONE. And I SWEAR, no more no-posts from THIS day on, so SPREAD THE WORD!!

Oh. So I was just going to use this full post as my new intro, but it hasn't turned out very long... So here's the first chapter of a new book I'm writing, which I did originally put up on Cecily Unibrow, but I think you guys deserve to read it too, considering I abandoned you(;

'But that is just not true!' I cryed at the protester. 'I would never do anything of the such!'
'Yet you do not deny witchcraft.'
'No I do not! But I would never use my magic like that!'
'Oh really? Then tell us YOUR side of the story, Miss Rieta.'

It was cold outside, but I had to collect wood for the family. I was wrapped in my day to day brown dress, with a wobbly hem and several holes, and a silk scarf. I had no idea as to where the scarf could have come from, but after dreaming about a dark, mysterious horse and his rider, riding through the forest, it just appeared on my bedside.

In the distance I could hear people shouting with pleasure, as one poor innocent person was being tortured to death.

The weekly Witchery. 

Each week, the Mayor chooses one  feeble person to burn on the stake, to try and rid of the town's bad fortunes. It never works, but the next person to say that to him, dies.

I turned away from the noise, and ran into the woods. I cannot bear to be around such monsters. 

I walked to the back of the Green, to where a little abandoned cottage lives. Everyday someone from the  village stocks it up with timber, but leaves before midnight. I've never had a proper chance to thank them, as the cottage not only gives me wood, but it also gives me shelter when I want to get away from my family and their anti-witch ways.

I unlocked the door with my key stick, and sighed with relief to find that the wood was still there.

But what I wasn't relieved to see, was a visitor...


Was that apology good enough?(:



  1. YOU'RE BACK! :L I'm sorry i haven't entered your competition, but THERE ARE SO MANY AND I NEED TO GET DOWN TO JUDGING MY OWN! Ghaaa! Next time, we need to orchistrate this so that we're not all doing comps at the same time! Ah, well (: I liked the story, even though i didn't get it because i haven't read the other parts! Are they on your blog?