I don't have much time left to review, so I'm just going to do three quick ones in one go...

Berserk by Ally Kennen.
I liked- How life found itself in the end.
I disliked- How life killed itself in the beginning.
Rate- 9/10
Recommend- 14+

My Sister The Vampire; Fangtastic by Sienna Mercer.
I liked- How they stuck together
I disliked- Serena Star and her army of America
Rate- 7/10
Recommend- 8+

My Sister the Vampire; Revamped by Sienna Mercer
I liked- How they found the truth about their past
I disliked- How he'd kept it from them
Rate- 7/10
Recommend- 8+


My twenty-seventh review is The Last Free Cat by Jon Blake.

Jade finds Feela in her garden one day and fills with dread. You're probably thinking 'dread? Why? Cats aren't harmful.' But this is a time when the dreaded disease of cat flu breaks out, and all the other cats are killed. The only ones that are left belong only to people that can afford them, millionaires and billionaires.

Feela is illegal, but Jade's already grown attached to her, and will do what ever it takes to keep her.

Many people die on their way to freedom, including someone very close to Jade, and so Jade sees no reason to stay- she must run away.

I would like to tell you that Feela gave birth to 1000,000,000 cats and everyone lived happily ever after, but I can't. What I can tell you, however, is that Jade meets some friends on the way, who help her along.

But those friends eventually die, and so Jade is left on her own again. And then, Jade's gone too, and the whole world loses hope.

But hope must find it's way and it's way must find Feela, with the last of society hanging onto her every breath...

I would rate this book an immense 9 and three-quarers /10 and would recommend it for over 12's.


*Another vampire book!!*

My twenty-sixth review is Cirque Du Freak by Darren Shan. It's book one in the series.

By pure luck he catches the ticket, by pure luck he sneaks to the circus, by pure luck he wasn't eaten of savaged, by pure luck he gets away with stealing Madam Octa, by pure unluckiness, Darren's best friend dies..

When Alan comes into school with a bit of paper one morning, Darren sees no reason to be excited. But then when he opens the paper, it turns into a glorious poster full of things he was sure didn't exist.

But there are only two tickets, and there are four of them that want to go. As a sudden instinct, a bit of destiny tells Darren to open his hands and close his eyes, and that pure luck hits him straight in the face.

But then Darren finds out how much Steve wants to kill him, and so Darren subtly turns into the murderer himself. Though he isn't the murderer, he isn't the bad guy. Bad guys normally have to have a pulse to be classified as bad, right? And Darren does one thing no mortal should ever do...

make a deal...


This book was really good, I'd rate it 8/10 and recommend it for 12+ as some parts of the book are a bit gruesome... The part that freaked me most about this book was because the character's name is the author's name, so it's a bit like reading the author's diary. Though I really hope it isn't his diary...


My twenty-fifth review is My Sister The Vampire; Switched by Sienna Mercer.

Imagine this; it's your first day at school, and you find a girl that looks exactly like you, talks exactly like you, was born on the same day as you, and has the same family heritage as you. Freaky, right? So what if you found this girl was your twin sister? Wait, what is you found this girl was your vampire twin sister?

Olivia Abbott and Ivy Vera meet when Olivia first starts Franklin Grove Middle School. At first they seem completely opposite, with Olivia on the cheer leading squad and Ivy a goth. But then they realise they aren't so different at all, except one drinks cranberry juice whilst the other drinks blood...

Charlotte Brown is Olivia's new bff, but still formal nemesis of Ivy. Little does she know, Ivy's sitting next to her eating a fruit salad, whilst Olivia's the one she's making fun of... oh the fun of having a vampire twin.

Ivy and Olivia 'switch' for many reasons, with the last gaining Ivy a boyfriend and Olivia gaining a new fried... but the next time could show them both in their true light, as Olivia goes to a vampire staff meeting and gets elected to become their leader...

I would rate this book a 7/10 and would recommend it for 7's+. It's a quick read for someone my age, but still enjoyable. And I've got another nine to read, as I've bought the set!!

TWENTYFOURTH REVIEW (not for the BBC, as it's by an American author...)

*First up, sorry for not blogging recently, I've just had a lot to do. So I'm going to type up the past seven books I've read now...*

My twenty-fourth review is Kiss Of Death by Rachel Caine. It's the eight book in the series.

Bishop's gone, but now Morley's here to take his place. That can mean only one thing- DEATH.

Death #1- Morley and his minions are planning treason against their 'beloved' Queen, Amelie. They won't stop until they get what they want... a leave pass.

Death #2- Eve Rosser is stuck in the back of a van full of blood-thirsty vampires. They've got a long, long road ahead, and no doubt the vampires will stop for snacks on the way...

Death #3- The town is in danger. Not only is it in danger of new vampires, but the new vampires are sick, and are quite happy to pass on their disease...

Death #4- Jason is Oliver's new side-kick, here to save the world... not really. He's hoping to drain the vampires of their powers, drain the humans of their blood and drain Morganville of it's life. He's surely the bad guy... isn't he?

Death #5- Michael. It should seem like one fun road trip to fulfil his dreams, but will he ever want to go back? Here, he's famous, he's got a whole life - death - ahead of him. But will fame come before love..?

And of course, Death #6- Claire. Yeah, so Claire's always in danger, but now she's got people that would fight to protect her. People that would die to protect her. But, when the option comes, would she die for them...?

As always, I would rate this book a 9/10 and would recommend it for readers aged 13+. A great book to sink your teeth into...



My twenty-third review for the BBC is Megan by Mary Hooper.

Just a quick review, as it was a quick read.

Megan is about a girl called Megan (never!) who turns out to be pregnant. It has a good story line, though I think it went on for a bit. Megan doesn't know whether or not to keep the baby; her family says no but her heart says yes. Yet, home is where the heart is.

If she keeps it then she'll be a single mother with no money and no future. If she puts it up for adoption then she can just forget and get on with her life. Right? But life isn't as easy as that.

And ton top it all off, her best friend has turned against her. Just telling everyone Megan's pregnant... she can't be a good friend then, can she?

This book was quite good, though I think it had more facts than story. Though, I did learn a lot. I would rate it 6/10 and would recommend it for over 12's.


My twentysecond review for the BBC is Fade Out by Rachel Caine. It is the seventh book in the series.

While we're at it, let's name another five things wrong with Morganville...

1. Now Sam's gone, Amelie sees no reason to live. Besides, it's called respect to give blood over a graveside. But what if it's not her blood on the line? What if it'll kill not only Amelie, but the whole of Morganville?

2. Michael doesn't love Eve anymore. Well, that's a bit harsh, but I can hardly say they're madly in love. Eve's got a life to life, and Michael, well, Michael's got a death to live. But do opposites attract? Claire's physics tell her no.

3. Move over people, Kim's come to town! And she's just become the best-of-friends with Eve. And she's determined to become Shane's girlfriend, instead of Claire. But not only that, she's got links to the outside world, that's threatening to expose them all.

4. Yep, Ada the psycho computer is officially granting Claire a death-wish. Although Ada may be more than happy to destroy Claire, will she be just as happy to kill the so-called love-of-her-life? And what about Morganville? Does she care about that? Pfft, obviously not.

5. And just to round it all off, Morley and his gang of bad-ass vampires are going to take off from where Bishop took off. Oh wait, he's made some new friends. But, oh my, just look at what the cat dragged in.

Surprise, surprise, another blatant 9/10. Again, to be recommended to over 13's as some bits are a bit messy...


My twentyfirst review for the BBC is Carpe Corpus by Rachel Caine.

Hmm... let's name five things wrong with Morganville at the moment...

1. Bishop rules the town, and he's never going to let it go. He'll bring Morganville to it's knees, and take it to the Grave with him. But, vampires don't die. Wait, let me re-word that. Vampires don't want to die.

2. Claire's got some psycho ghost of a computer haunting her, saying Claire's trying to steal her lost love. Well, no, because her lost love's right there, he just doesn't love her anymore. Duh.

3. Monica is back to being the life and soul of Morganville, just as mean as ever. Wait, actually, Monica's the life and death of Morganville. Well, more the death.

4. Claire's got a mega-rare tattoo. But she didn't want the tattoo in the first place. It was , say, welcoming present. What? They could hardly call it a 'good-bye' present.

5. Claire's parents are angry. Wait, more than angry. So what? It's called love. Claire's hardly going to become pregnant. Besides, who said romance is dead? Well, how ironic, you can't get more dead than a vampire...

I would rate this a 9.5/10 and would rate it a 13+ as some scenes are quite disturbing...


My twentieth review for the BBC is Amy by Mary Hooper.

Louise and Josie, Amy and Bethany, that's how it's always been. But then Josie moves away and Bethany and Louise are pulled together by some invisible magnetic force. Amy's just the other-friend. The one that tags along just because she has no other friends. Well, duh, three is the tragic number.

Sp Amy resorts to find her own friends. One she can trust, one she can rely on. But that friend isn't who she expected it to be...

Amy meets Zed on the Internet. He's quirky, funny and cool, and says the most romantic things. And, he's gorgeous. He sent her a picture in return for Amy's. Yep,  definite love-at-first scenario. But is Zed as good looking in person? Amy's determined to find out...

Zed's got a brilliant job, brilliant life, and now he just wants a perfect girlfriend. Could that girlfriend be Amy? Amy hopes so.

But Zed's hiding a secret. A secret no one could have possibly guessed. Is it illegal? Or just true love? Because, come on, he must love her loads to do such a thing to her. It is love, right?

But love comes in all shapes and sizes. This size is tall with a bird-shaped nose and greasy hair. And that person will do anything for Amy. Though, of course, Amy really expected it to be a boy...

This book was immense, and I would rate it a 9/10. It was so good I couldn't put it down. My maths teacher was a bit annoyed at that though... I would recommend it for ages 13+ as some parts of the book would be totally unsuitable for younger readers.

Would you go out with someone you met on the Internet?


*First up, sorry for the no-posts, I've just been really busy lately and didn't have time to upload my reviews. But here they are anyhow...*

My nineteenth review for the BBC is The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole (aged 13 3/4).

The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole (Aged 13 3/4) is a book about a boy called Adrian who is forced to live through the fierce reality of being a teenager. Three things wrong with Adrian's life:

1. Spots! That massive one that lives on the centre of his chin. Honestly, it's like he's built a 'Spot' estate and invited all his spot friends over for a housewarming party!! And they're MUTANT! Big and yellow and puffy! Maybe that's what put Pandora off...

2. Pandora! The new girl! Taken by Adrian's best mate. Also taken Adrian's heart, which can't really be good for a newly-made teenager.

3. Parents! Acting weirdly, seeing other married couples for comfort; something must be wrong. But then again, it's normal to get divorced these days. Wait. Divorced? They said they were just parting for a little while... They must be stopped!!

The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole was rather funny, though I think it didn't reflect on the real agonies of being a teenager. The situations in the book was right for my age category, but I don't think it was written in the style for the purpose, and would therefore be more suitable for a younger age. So I will recommend it for ages 11+ and rate it a 6/10. It was good as a quick read, though.


My eighteenth review for the BBC is How Hedlley Hopkins Did A Dare.

Hedley has many questions to ask, but no one will listen to him. Five of Hedley's top questions are:

1. How much pee do you put in to make a baby?

2. Can skulls actually talk?

3. Am I really religious?

4. How can I get friends?

5. Why are those people so weird?

6. Why are ants so evil?

7. Why do people NEVER take me seriously?!?!

Hedley's in deep doo-doo. Not only has he unsettled the dead, but he's also unsettled the weird. And the mean. And the cool. And the just plain nasty. What can he do now? Especially now he's murdered his own mother...

I would rate this book a 7/10 and would recommend it for 11+. In my library it was classed as horror, but I think it's more comedy than anything...



*Sorry for the late reviews, I just kept forgetting to post. Also, I'm reading two books at the same time right now so I haven't really had time anyway.*

My seventeenth review for the BBC is The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne.

Thee Boy In The Striped Pyjamas is a book about a nine year old boy called Bruno. It is set at the time of World War Two where Hitler had the Concentration Camps to kill all the Jews. Keep this in mind as you carry on reading.

Bruno's father gets promoted to Commandant and so they move to Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Bruno is a very adventurous boy and want to be an explorer when he is older, though no one wants him to explore their new garden. But Bruno being Bruno does. And this is where the trouble begins.

Bruno's first long exploration brings him to a fence. Let's hope you never come to such a fence.

Bruno makes a new friend, Shmuel. Bruno doesn't even care about his friends Karl and Daniel and Martin anymore, now he has Shmuel. They will be best friends until they die...

Shmuel's time is growing short, though neither child understands that. Then the fence between them is gone. Bruno and
Shmuel can finally play together... though, of course, they can't...

This book was really sad, and I actually started crying! It was much better than the film in many ways, as the author often left on cliffhangers, and the film was too explicit in comparison. I would rate this book a blatant 9/10 (still no book rating has beaten Small Blue Thing by S.C Ransom, see Book Review One.) and would recommend it for ages 13+. Get the tissues at the ready!