My twenty-fifth review is My Sister The Vampire; Switched by Sienna Mercer.

Imagine this; it's your first day at school, and you find a girl that looks exactly like you, talks exactly like you, was born on the same day as you, and has the same family heritage as you. Freaky, right? So what if you found this girl was your twin sister? Wait, what is you found this girl was your vampire twin sister?

Olivia Abbott and Ivy Vera meet when Olivia first starts Franklin Grove Middle School. At first they seem completely opposite, with Olivia on the cheer leading squad and Ivy a goth. But then they realise they aren't so different at all, except one drinks cranberry juice whilst the other drinks blood...

Charlotte Brown is Olivia's new bff, but still formal nemesis of Ivy. Little does she know, Ivy's sitting next to her eating a fruit salad, whilst Olivia's the one she's making fun of... oh the fun of having a vampire twin.

Ivy and Olivia 'switch' for many reasons, with the last gaining Ivy a boyfriend and Olivia gaining a new fried... but the next time could show them both in their true light, as Olivia goes to a vampire staff meeting and gets elected to become their leader...

I would rate this book a 7/10 and would recommend it for 7's+. It's a quick read for someone my age, but still enjoyable. And I've got another nine to read, as I've bought the set!!

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