My twenty-third review for the BBC is Megan by Mary Hooper.

Just a quick review, as it was a quick read.

Megan is about a girl called Megan (never!) who turns out to be pregnant. It has a good story line, though I think it went on for a bit. Megan doesn't know whether or not to keep the baby; her family says no but her heart says yes. Yet, home is where the heart is.

If she keeps it then she'll be a single mother with no money and no future. If she puts it up for adoption then she can just forget and get on with her life. Right? But life isn't as easy as that.

And ton top it all off, her best friend has turned against her. Just telling everyone Megan's pregnant... she can't be a good friend then, can she?

This book was quite good, though I think it had more facts than story. Though, I did learn a lot. I would rate it 6/10 and would recommend it for over 12's.

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