TWENTYFOURTH REVIEW (not for the BBC, as it's by an American author...)

*First up, sorry for not blogging recently, I've just had a lot to do. So I'm going to type up the past seven books I've read now...*

My twenty-fourth review is Kiss Of Death by Rachel Caine. It's the eight book in the series.

Bishop's gone, but now Morley's here to take his place. That can mean only one thing- DEATH.

Death #1- Morley and his minions are planning treason against their 'beloved' Queen, Amelie. They won't stop until they get what they want... a leave pass.

Death #2- Eve Rosser is stuck in the back of a van full of blood-thirsty vampires. They've got a long, long road ahead, and no doubt the vampires will stop for snacks on the way...

Death #3- The town is in danger. Not only is it in danger of new vampires, but the new vampires are sick, and are quite happy to pass on their disease...

Death #4- Jason is Oliver's new side-kick, here to save the world... not really. He's hoping to drain the vampires of their powers, drain the humans of their blood and drain Morganville of it's life. He's surely the bad guy... isn't he?

Death #5- Michael. It should seem like one fun road trip to fulfil his dreams, but will he ever want to go back? Here, he's famous, he's got a whole life - death - ahead of him. But will fame come before love..?

And of course, Death #6- Claire. Yeah, so Claire's always in danger, but now she's got people that would fight to protect her. People that would die to protect her. But, when the option comes, would she die for them...?

As always, I would rate this book a 9/10 and would recommend it for readers aged 13+. A great book to sink your teeth into...


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