My twenty-seventh review is The Last Free Cat by Jon Blake.

Jade finds Feela in her garden one day and fills with dread. You're probably thinking 'dread? Why? Cats aren't harmful.' But this is a time when the dreaded disease of cat flu breaks out, and all the other cats are killed. The only ones that are left belong only to people that can afford them, millionaires and billionaires.

Feela is illegal, but Jade's already grown attached to her, and will do what ever it takes to keep her.

Many people die on their way to freedom, including someone very close to Jade, and so Jade sees no reason to stay- she must run away.

I would like to tell you that Feela gave birth to 1000,000,000 cats and everyone lived happily ever after, but I can't. What I can tell you, however, is that Jade meets some friends on the way, who help her along.

But those friends eventually die, and so Jade is left on her own again. And then, Jade's gone too, and the whole world loses hope.

But hope must find it's way and it's way must find Feela, with the last of society hanging onto her every breath...

I would rate this book an immense 9 and three-quarers /10 and would recommend it for over 12's.

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