My twentyfirst review for the BBC is Carpe Corpus by Rachel Caine.

Hmm... let's name five things wrong with Morganville at the moment...

1. Bishop rules the town, and he's never going to let it go. He'll bring Morganville to it's knees, and take it to the Grave with him. But, vampires don't die. Wait, let me re-word that. Vampires don't want to die.

2. Claire's got some psycho ghost of a computer haunting her, saying Claire's trying to steal her lost love. Well, no, because her lost love's right there, he just doesn't love her anymore. Duh.

3. Monica is back to being the life and soul of Morganville, just as mean as ever. Wait, actually, Monica's the life and death of Morganville. Well, more the death.

4. Claire's got a mega-rare tattoo. But she didn't want the tattoo in the first place. It was , say, welcoming present. What? They could hardly call it a 'good-bye' present.

5. Claire's parents are angry. Wait, more than angry. So what? It's called love. Claire's hardly going to become pregnant. Besides, who said romance is dead? Well, how ironic, you can't get more dead than a vampire...

I would rate this a 9.5/10 and would rate it a 13+ as some scenes are quite disturbing...

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  1. ooh another title not by a BRITISH AUTHOR so cannot count towards the BRITISH BOOKS CHALLENGE