My twentieth review for the BBC is Amy by Mary Hooper.

Louise and Josie, Amy and Bethany, that's how it's always been. But then Josie moves away and Bethany and Louise are pulled together by some invisible magnetic force. Amy's just the other-friend. The one that tags along just because she has no other friends. Well, duh, three is the tragic number.

Sp Amy resorts to find her own friends. One she can trust, one she can rely on. But that friend isn't who she expected it to be...

Amy meets Zed on the Internet. He's quirky, funny and cool, and says the most romantic things. And, he's gorgeous. He sent her a picture in return for Amy's. Yep,  definite love-at-first scenario. But is Zed as good looking in person? Amy's determined to find out...

Zed's got a brilliant job, brilliant life, and now he just wants a perfect girlfriend. Could that girlfriend be Amy? Amy hopes so.

But Zed's hiding a secret. A secret no one could have possibly guessed. Is it illegal? Or just true love? Because, come on, he must love her loads to do such a thing to her. It is love, right?

But love comes in all shapes and sizes. This size is tall with a bird-shaped nose and greasy hair. And that person will do anything for Amy. Though, of course, Amy really expected it to be a boy...

This book was immense, and I would rate it a 9/10. It was so good I couldn't put it down. My maths teacher was a bit annoyed at that though... I would recommend it for ages 13+ as some parts of the book would be totally unsuitable for younger readers.

Would you go out with someone you met on the Internet?

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