My twentysecond review for the BBC is Fade Out by Rachel Caine. It is the seventh book in the series.

While we're at it, let's name another five things wrong with Morganville...

1. Now Sam's gone, Amelie sees no reason to live. Besides, it's called respect to give blood over a graveside. But what if it's not her blood on the line? What if it'll kill not only Amelie, but the whole of Morganville?

2. Michael doesn't love Eve anymore. Well, that's a bit harsh, but I can hardly say they're madly in love. Eve's got a life to life, and Michael, well, Michael's got a death to live. But do opposites attract? Claire's physics tell her no.

3. Move over people, Kim's come to town! And she's just become the best-of-friends with Eve. And she's determined to become Shane's girlfriend, instead of Claire. But not only that, she's got links to the outside world, that's threatening to expose them all.

4. Yep, Ada the psycho computer is officially granting Claire a death-wish. Although Ada may be more than happy to destroy Claire, will she be just as happy to kill the so-called love-of-her-life? And what about Morganville? Does she care about that? Pfft, obviously not.

5. And just to round it all off, Morley and his gang of bad-ass vampires are going to take off from where Bishop took off. Oh wait, he's made some new friends. But, oh my, just look at what the cat dragged in.

Surprise, surprise, another blatant 9/10. Again, to be recommended to over 13's as some bits are a bit messy...

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  1. This is not by a BRITISH author so cannot count towards your total. How many times do I have to explain this simple concept. Please can you do something about this or I will have to have you barred from the challenge!