Work Experience

Yesterday was one of the most amazing days of my life, including Sunday. And why? Because I was away at my work experience!

Sumday I met the editor of The Caterham Independent (I first met her when she came to my school, and things pretty much went from there) at her house, and we went to take photos of a Fun Run. 
It was BRILLIANT! I took loads of photos (some which will appear in the next issue!), and left with a pretty mild sunburn on my forehead and a lot of new skills, even though I got completely lost at the end trying to track down my mother when she came to pick me back up.

Then yesterday I went down to the offices and wrote three different articles for the e-newsletter, and went down to a local school to take a load of photos (with Julia's very official looking camera) of the children. I also got a few quotes off the head teacher and a pupil called Melissa about Healthy Living Week and the school's Skipping Workshop.

When I left (honestly, I really didn't want to), Julia gave me a copy of the latest issue, a letter on Things You Learnt Today, copies of my articles, and an awesome pen, and get this - whenever an interesting enough subject pops up, I might be able to write an article about it for The Caterham Independent again!

Photos later!


First up, you've probably noticed my new layout and title. Hopefully it will be the last time I chance my title!

So, to celebrate this change, I'm hosting a new Competition.

All you have to do is design a blog button for this new blog, Blue Scarf Girl, and email it to me at .

The winner will recieve:

- A signed Joanna Nadin book
- A signed Diane Messidoro bookmark
- A signed Nick Sharratt postcard
- A signed Folly Harpelaine postcard
- Two posters
- A scarf

Sorry, but for posting reasons, you will have to be in the UK to enter.

The closing date is the 30th May.

Good luck!

* I've put my example below the image of the prizes, so you can see just how bad I am at making blog buttons (or has my IPad replaced the picture again?)


Whilst surfing the net for insiration for my next blog post, Facebook popped up onto my Ipad, and seconds later I found a load of completely HILARIOUS* photos on my friend's account. She's okay with me reblogging the photos, especially considering she got them off Google, so here's five of my ultimate favourite memes...

*I find them completely HILARIOUS anyway...

Whatcha think?


The final day of the first weekend of the first week back at school, after two completely amazing weeks off. I had a gazillion sleepovers, went to a gazillion sleepovers, went to the cinema a gazillion times, bought a gazillion things, and on the weekends I worked at this golf club food place for a gazillion hours.

And a few days ago when my cousin stayed over, we did eachother's make-up. I think they went quite well, execept that we were both the Joker. Let me tell you, when we walked back into the living room everyone was a bit taken back.

It took ages to scrub it all back off!

Is everyone back at school or am I the only one suffering this sudden lack of freedom?

Imogen in colour, me in black&white:


Just scrolling through Facebook when I came across a photo of a deliriously adorable cat. I Goggled it (because I've already decided to buy one and call it Elvis) and it's a MUNCHKIN BREED cat!


Munchkin Cat definition:

The Munchkin is a relatively new breed of cat characterized by its very short legs, which is caused by a naturally occurring genetic mutation.

It may just be me, and I may turn into a freaky cat person sometime soon, but don't you just want to hug it and its masses of fur, all day long?

Just me then?

When Matalan Was Old Fashioned..

As you can tell, I've added a few of my (new) social account things to my sidebar, so it'd be nice if you went to follow me on them(:

Today I went shopping with my mother to Purley Way, and after I'd spent all my money on yesterday (post coming soon), she kindly offered to buy me a thing or two.. thanks mam(:

So I came home with...

new jacket<3<3
This stunnig denim jacket from Matalan, £18

 new shoes<3<3
Floral canvas sneakers, Matalan, £12

new shoes<3<3
I was skeptical of these at first, but I tried them on and fell on love! £14, Matalan

Now, yes, everything was from Matalan. I don't usually shop at Matalan because I think it's a bit old fashioned. But today has really changed my mind, and I can't really go wrong with my mother buying me them!

And For My Final Trick...

I will annoy everyone who told me not to change it in the first place, and chance my blog name back to what it was in the beginning. Aheehaa.

Somewhere from the ashes, Awkward Donkey has made a debut into the outside world*. But now what?

Well I've been reading a LOT of, and have now decided that my future dream job is...

Wait for it...

A blogger/ vlogger/ YouTuber/ fashion magazine editor in NYC.

And so, not now but maybe sometime within a few months or so I might start up a completely different blog away from Awkward Donkey.


But first I need to save up for a Canon D something, and maybe a Mac first...

So yeah, Awkward Donkey is back.. for good(:

{for now}


*Debut? Does that make sense?

Travel Post?

First up, I've got yet another blog name. I'm probably just going to keep changing until I find one that fits, so sorry if that annoys you or anything.

Okay so at the moment I'm trying to find my Inner Blogger, so sorry if this all becomes a bit of a mess. Who knows, this might turn into a Vlog - I might become the next Zoella. Or I might turn into more of a Susie Bubble sort of person. Hmm.

So, for today I'm going to practise a bit of a travel blog type thing.

Maybe I'll change my blog name to Amy's Travels?

Should I just post photos?

Should I censor my face so I don't get web stalked and murdered?

So yesterday, although it was FREEZING, I went down to the tennis courts down near my house with my niece Demi, and although we're both completely crap at tennis we thought we'd give it a go. Trouble is, we only had one tennis racket and a dog's tennis ball because, let's face it, sport isn't either of our strong points. So in the end we took the tennis racket, dog's tennis ball and a book so we could (try go) hit the ball back and fourth.

We got there, and there was this man called Griff, who leant us a tennis racket and a few tennis balls, so in the end it was fine.

We played tennis for about half an hour before taking pointless photos and hitting lumps of snow back and forth.

Did I mention it was FREEZING?

And then we left the court completely covered in goosebumps.

I'm on the Ipad and it's hard to attach the photos, so I'm going to upload a few and hope for the best.

So, my first ever Travel Post. Did it suck? Maybe I should stear my blog in a different direction?