Work Experience

Yesterday was one of the most amazing days of my life, including Sunday. And why? Because I was away at my work experience!

Sumday I met the editor of The Caterham Independent (I first met her when she came to my school, and things pretty much went from there) at her house, and we went to take photos of a Fun Run. 
It was BRILLIANT! I took loads of photos (some which will appear in the next issue!), and left with a pretty mild sunburn on my forehead and a lot of new skills, even though I got completely lost at the end trying to track down my mother when she came to pick me back up.

Then yesterday I went down to the offices and wrote three different articles for the e-newsletter, and went down to a local school to take a load of photos (with Julia's very official looking camera) of the children. I also got a few quotes off the head teacher and a pupil called Melissa about Healthy Living Week and the school's Skipping Workshop.

When I left (honestly, I really didn't want to), Julia gave me a copy of the latest issue, a letter on Things You Learnt Today, copies of my articles, and an awesome pen, and get this - whenever an interesting enough subject pops up, I might be able to write an article about it for The Caterham Independent again!

Photos later!


  1. I'm homeschooled, so I'm not gonna get to do work experience -_-
    Hey, would you be interested in doing a button swap?

    1. Sure, but what IS it?:L

      I didn't do it through the school so you could still do it?