The Best Weekend of my Life - Sedlescombe Golf Club

So I've always thought that golf was this insanely boring sport for old men to play at their weekly social gathering, meaning that when I was faced with the opportunity to stay at the Sedlescombe Golf Club for a couple nights getting fed and watered and taught golf, I was a bit anxious. However, what followed were some of the most incredible days of my life, where I was situated in their luxury lodge, eating wonderful food at their clubhouse restaurant with chefs that do anything for you (and make truffles for dessert!), and taught golf by a professional who rendered my group aching from how difficult, but also insanely fun, it was.

The founder of the golf school (and man who generously let me have this experience), James Andrews, approached me on my first morning in order to introduce himself, and he couldn't stress enough that when I write about them he'd really appreciate it if I were as honest as possible. Having only arrived five minutes before and not seen anything as of yet, I was thinking that was probably a bad move as it gave me permission to be brutal. In my 100% honest opinion, however, I felt like I'd won the lottery at the end of my stay as I'd had such an incredible time. If I were to be completely honest, I'd say that the only downside was the fact that they didn't offer fair trade decaffeinated green tea in my room - but even then, the minute-walk to the clubhouse had that sorted. It was a perfect stay, which means that this post is mainly just going to be me bragging about having the time of my life.

How to Live like a Local in Warsaw, Poland

A couple months ago, I bought a guy I was kinda seeing a trip to Poland, merely because it looked pretty cute and I was also 90% sure he mentioned his love for cold countries. However, when the trip came up recently, I discovered that in fact, he actually really dislikes cold climates, and also - well, we were together no longer. 

Regardless, the trip was super cute and I had so much fun with one of my favourite people ever, and even though my Polish was so bad that at some point out security guard shooed me away shaking her head, I had a wonderful time. Although, to be fair, I did mess up. A lot. And so, if you don't fancy embarrassing yourself to buggery, I've compiled this list of super helpful tips, so that you don't buy dodgy tickets off an old guy or cause a sign to fly through a shop or eat a stick of butter thinking it's cheese (my friend coped horribly when he did that).