The Best Weekend of my Life - Sedlescombe Golf Club

So I've always thought that golf was this insanely boring sport for old men to play at their weekly social gathering, meaning that when I was faced with the opportunity to stay at the Sedlescombe Golf Club for a couple nights getting fed and watered and taught golf, I was a bit anxious. However, what followed were some of the most incredible days of my life, where I was situated in their luxury lodge, eating wonderful food at their clubhouse restaurant with chefs that do anything for you (and make truffles for dessert!), and taught golf by a professional who rendered my group aching from how difficult, but also insanely fun, it was.

The founder of the golf school (and man who generously let me have this experience), James Andrews, approached me on my first morning in order to introduce himself, and he couldn't stress enough that when I write about them he'd really appreciate it if I were as honest as possible. Having only arrived five minutes before and not seen anything as of yet, I was thinking that was probably a bad move as it gave me permission to be brutal. In my 100% honest opinion, however, I felt like I'd won the lottery at the end of my stay as I'd had such an incredible time. If I were to be completely honest, I'd say that the only downside was the fact that they didn't offer fair trade decaffeinated green tea in my room - but even then, the minute-walk to the clubhouse had that sorted. It was a perfect stay, which means that this post is mainly just going to be me bragging about having the time of my life.

The Lodge

The lodge itself is situated in the middle of this massive course by the car park and the clubhouse, which is the place to go for food, reception, and the meeting place for your coach each day. It's surrounded by all this beautiful green scenery, and the place itself is easily the most luxurious place I've ever stayed in my entire life. Obviously the rooms vary, but mine was on the ground floor which meant that I had these massive windows by the desk and sofa that overlooked the course, and had this big plush double bed, a couple of sinks in the bathroom with a vintage-esque tub, and then other things like a tea-making station, flat screen, and little bottles of shower gel and hair stuff by The White Company, which is a London-based company that sells all these amazing luxury items for houses. I was in heaven. Maybe it was because of how much I adored the room that I didn't leave the course itself in all the time I was there, as I didn't want to miss a single minute of living in such a beautiful place. During my stay, every possible need I could have was met, and everyone's so happy to help aid you in having a comfortable stay - I could get used to this.

Day one

I arrived during the early morning of the Friday, where I had breakfast at the clubhouse. No one knew I was vegetarian which made things a little tricky, but the waitress reassured me that they'd have veggie sausages for me the next morning - where they also bought veggie bacon. I'd been slightly apprehensive about golf lessons, but when I met my coach and the people I'd be training with and realised they were such a good support network of friendly lads and lasses, I knew I'd have no problem having the best time there. Tom North, the coach, was the sort of guy that felt so comfortable with teaching you to the best standard that even mid-conversation he'd subconsciously lean against a club with crossed feet.

So I've never even held a golf club before, and yet by the end of my first morning (with the sessions lasting from 9am to 1pm) I was confident enough to have gained a good stance, swing and putt with a 7 iron (wearing the shoes they give you upon arrival and swinging the clubs they also give you when you book to stay with them). Whoever got the idea that golf was boring into my mind before I arrived was lying through their teeth - it's complicated and absolutely exhausting, but insanely fun. We get taught simple things like how to hold ourselves and our clubs, and move a ball around with fun little exercises. Halfway through we went to the clubhouse for some refreshments during a quick but much needed break, and then we were introduced to the video room. This is where we would go over the next couple days to record and analyse our swing, with our coach breaking everything down and comparing our stances to that of more seasoned golfers, which is honestly one of the best ways of figuring out what you're doing right and wrong in order to better yourself.

Class got dismissed, and I got to try out the bath in my room - and my lord do they put comfort first. After a long day's work, you want to be able to relax, and this massive tub with the designer bath bubbles was the perfect way to kick back. Also, I think it's worth noting that my room was completely spotless, with not a speck out of place. Even in places you'd expect and forgive to get a little grimy over time were still looking brand new. Afterwards, I met one of my new golfing friends Gillian for food at the clubhouse, where one roasted vegetable tart and salad with sweet dressing later I was having the best time. Also, the walls of the place are decorated with all this vintage sports equipment which makes it super indie. Dessert was this chocolate medley of truffles and ganache and pistachio ice-cream, and it was so awesome that I had to have it the next night also. Having grown up with my mother as a chef I think I know good food when I see (or taste) it, and so eating this beautiful food that really pulled out all the stops was such a wonderful thing. A lot of the time, even the best establishments can have really sub-par food, but this place offered gourmet without the price tag. Not to mention the view of the course and lodge from the windows and a variety of atmospheric music playing, there's nothing at all that I can say negative about it. I fell in love with everything about this place, and having good food in my stomach was the icing on the cake.

Day two

Enter the warmest day of the year, where we got to go out and play in t-shirts. After a vegetarian breakfast as promised at the clubhouse, my group and I all set out to the driving range where we got to work on our swing and perfecting our stances - which, by the way, if you do get flawless makes every swing you do flawless also. We saw our changes in the video room, where Tom the coach would later send us copies of the videos of ourselves to us via email with him narrating over the top, meaning if we want to remind ourselves in the future what we look like correctly swinging, we have access to that invaluable piece of knowledge and can always perfect it. At the end of today's lesson I knew my driver from my wedge, and could chip some golf balls over the bunkers and out of the sand on the course, which is pretty damn useful when you're not good enough to not send your ball in the completely wrong place and end up somewhere tricky. 

Time went so fast that when it turned 1pm I was super surprised. I guess being out in a beautiful area with wonderful people, putting all your energy and brain power into something you're actually really enjoying, all while the suns shining on your back just makes it fly. I tried to hit a couple more balls with the endless supply of golf balls you get on the course, but ended up just lounging around in the sun with a cola and this beautiful serene backdrop. After dinner, which was some gorgeous Camembert and eggplant creation followed by more truffles, I went back to my room and crashed super hard, exhausted yet content.

Day three

So this morning we all sat around a table with our coach as he explained the rules of the game and handed out scorecards. Today was the day we'd finally get to put all our knowledge to good use on the course. With the incentive of three free balls that we'd use and try not to lose, it resulted in a few hours of laughing, cheering each other on, and getting told how to improve whatever we failed at by Tom. It was difficult putting everything into practise, especially when my wrist was aching from some over-enthusiastic swinging, but being in a group filled with supportive beginners like myself meant that even when I took massive clumps out of the ground or hit the ball with all my strength for it to only roll a foot away, I had a great time. And starting to notice my own errors before the coach pointed them out meant that I was definitely getting better - and those little improvements really do make you feel awesome and make you want to carry on bettering yourself.

After going around five or so holes we went back to the driving range, where you get to pass people on the way up who are insanely good with everything coming naturally, and then you get to try it out yourself and put everything in and miss the ball completely - and then you hit another one without much thinking and land it 80 meters away. One of the crazier things I learnt about the sport is how everything is backwards for no good reason. Right handed? Wear a glove on your left hand. Got a good score? You've done horribly. Got a hole with a high difficulty rating? Easy peasy. And then of course, a club numbered 9 is way smaller than a 6. This was just as hard to master as the game itself. 

After a couple more hours I checked out from the lodge, gave my shoes and clubs back, and travelled back to London with Gillian, marking the end of one of the best weekends of my life. I had the most incredible time at Sedlescombe in the golf school, and I really hope that this post does it justice. Staying in a beautiful lodge in a beautiful area, having wonderful food, getting taught a sport I easily fell into adoring by a professional, and meeting the loveliest people all added together to render this trip something I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to go on. Golf is tiring and tricky, but it's also pretty damn fun. Move out of the way, stereotypes of rich 50 year old men with plaid shirts and a crippling mortgage, Amy the young gal with bright orange hair is coming through, and ready to join any driving range she sees!


In regards to prices, they vary depending on what sort of stay you're after, but general prices can be found by clicking the links here and here. When you sign up for the school, all equipment you could possibly need is included, along with a wide range of clubs and shoes. You're trained by a professional, and leave with freebie balls and an invaluable handbook. Breakfast is included with the rooms, and all in all, it's a pretty sweet deal. Considering I had such an incredible time, I think it's a worthwhile investment to put some money into having the time of your life, something you can look back on fondly, having acquired or bettered a sport on the way.

And so, that concludes the end of my stay at Sedlescombe. I know that I've spent this whole post just talking on and on about how completely in love I was with every opportunity the place gives you, and whilst I couldn't have written a more positive post, I also couldn't have written one more honest. I'm so thankful that James Andrews gave me this opportunity to experience his school and grounds, as it truly was wonderful and I can't praise it enough (but I sure as hell have tried!). Baring in mind I'm one of the least fond people of my home island of Britain, when I say I'd 100% pick a trip here over a trip to Rome or Paris (my favourite cities), that's really saying something. It's been an experience I'll never forget, and I hope you guys consider it.

And so, if I've inspired any of y'all to check this place out, tell me. I had the most amazing time, but I challenge you guys to go and nitpick yourselves. Either way, let me know in the comments below!

- Amy


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