The lovely Michelle of Valebella Jewelry Designs sent me a gorgeous mini rose jewelry set in lavender purple to review, so thank you Michelle!

She says;

"I am a stay at home mother of three little girls ages 1, 8 and 11. They are truly my inspiration. With the support of my amazing husband, I started Valebella in 2007. I love making custom jewelry and accessories. It is great to have a creative outlet and enjoy what you do."

I absolutely LOVE the set, as the ring is adjustable therefor fits perfectly, and the hairclips are longer than my other clips, so they manage to keep my whole fringe out of my eyes.

They're strong, and are so pretty! And since they're purple, they match my new cosmic leggings(:

The roses are really delicate looking, and are not too big or too small, and will compliment any outfit as the perfect accessory.

The packaging is lush, and if you want to visit the exact set that I now have, click HERE

The Valebella store is HERE  so you can check it out, as Micehlle has loads of other accessories, which are equally as stunning.

You can check out Michelle's Valebella Jewelery Designs facebook page over at HERE

Also, for being a reader of Blue Scarf Girl, you get a 15% discount of your entire purchase at Valebella by entering " blog15 " at the checkout.

The stunning lavender rose ring.

One of the two gorgeous lavender rose hairclips.

Evolution and What Not

Today in music my teacher showed us a completely AHmazing music video about music through the ages.

LOVED it, and here it is now!

(Please say you can see the video!)

Original video HERE

Superdrug & Sainsburys Haul

I've decided to do a Zoella-styled monthly haul, and to start off these 'Hauls', I'm going to focus on Sainsburys and Superdrug, because basically, I've noticed that I buy a lot of Superdrug Own, but the quality for money is great, and Superdrug's reasonably local. And Sainsburys? I didn't even know they had a make-up department until a few days ago, but they do sell normal cosmetics there, unlike my suspicions. Sad, I know.


Cotton wool pads, Superdrug Own, £1.69
Empty bottle (to fill with suncream, because), Superdrug Own, £1.59
Kirby grips, Superdrug Own, £1.39
Make-up wipes, Superdrug Own, 99p
Nail kit, (great value!) Superdrug Own, £5.99
Make-up set of three bags, (great value!) Superdrug Own, £5.99
Eyelash curlers, Cosmopolitan, £4.19
Foot exfoliator, Elegant Touch, £3.09
Headbands, Superdrug Own, £2.59
Make-up eye cream, Olay, £2.49
Eye puffiness cream, Dirty Works, £4.99
Exfoliating face wash, Freederm, £4.00
Lipbalm, Nivea, £1.99
Lipbalm, Blistex, £2.50
Spot gel, Freederm, £4.40
Gum, £2.05

Hauls; yay or nay?

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