Superdrug & Sainsburys Haul

I've decided to do a Zoella-styled monthly haul, and to start off these 'Hauls', I'm going to focus on Sainsburys and Superdrug, because basically, I've noticed that I buy a lot of Superdrug Own, but the quality for money is great, and Superdrug's reasonably local. And Sainsburys? I didn't even know they had a make-up department until a few days ago, but they do sell normal cosmetics there, unlike my suspicions. Sad, I know.


Cotton wool pads, Superdrug Own, £1.69
Empty bottle (to fill with suncream, because), Superdrug Own, £1.59
Kirby grips, Superdrug Own, £1.39
Make-up wipes, Superdrug Own, 99p
Nail kit, (great value!) Superdrug Own, £5.99
Make-up set of three bags, (great value!) Superdrug Own, £5.99
Eyelash curlers, Cosmopolitan, £4.19
Foot exfoliator, Elegant Touch, £3.09
Headbands, Superdrug Own, £2.59
Make-up eye cream, Olay, £2.49
Eye puffiness cream, Dirty Works, £4.99
Exfoliating face wash, Freederm, £4.00
Lipbalm, Nivea, £1.99
Lipbalm, Blistex, £2.50
Spot gel, Freederm, £4.40
Gum, £2.05

Hauls; yay or nay?


  1. A respectable haul you've got there! Please check out and follow:
    HG :p