what is the meaning of life?

Okay guys, so this post is really just me going out on a whim and having a rant, so I'm not sure on what kind of feedback I'm going to get from you guys but this is a topic that I feel like I just need to get off my chest. Recently I've been having complicated thoughts about the meaning of life and whatnot, and I feel pretty rational in my way of thinking. I haven't written this because I'm feeling unsatisfied with my life or anything, but instead because I simply don't understand it and what better way to share my confusion than blogging?
~~~ Update: I think that I initially decided to write this post to feel a little more understanding of life, but in retrospect I think I was just mulling over my thoughts and ideas, and wanted to hear what you guys think ~~~

Do you ever wonder if people are placed into your life specifically so you can learn something from them, if everyone has a significant meaning to you? I was wondering this at about 2am a few nights ago (go figure), and I've come to realise that pretty much anyone who's ever played a part in my life has given me a lesson to think about. I don't want to call them "mistakes" that other people have made, but it's certainly taught me what not to do with my life.

For example, both my brothers had high expectations for their lives. The oldest didn't reach his dreams simply because someone - a teacher, no less - told him that he wasn't good enough, and so he gave up trying. A similar thing happened to my younger older brother (you know?), but this time the only person discouraging him really was himself. Long story short, both of them ended up doing something they love, but they have to sacrifice those to a few mere hours a month, so that they can earn money to fuel the economy. 

how to: redirect a blogger blog to a new URL

A few months ago, I made the drastic decision to change my URL - and everything that follows. This was potentially extremely risky because 1) all traffic could disappear 2) people could get lost on their way through redirects and give up trying to find this here blog and 3) Awkward Donkey was my baby, I'd had the URL for three-ish years, and it's what people had come to know me as. However, I had been unhappy with my URL for some time, and felt that a change of scene could only be a good thing.

I lost 4,500 readers in one month.

aloha all

Stop right where you are. Take a deep breath. Blink to clear your vision. Relax your shoulders. Close your eyes.

Open them.

Notice anything different??