Floating Votive Water Lily Candle Holder

Thank you so much to The Woodland Sprite for sending me one of their gorgeous floating votives. It is absolutely stunning!

While searching for a knitting pattern online the owner of this shop "the Woodland Sprite" discovered the site Etsy. In order to purchase items from the shops on etsy it was necessary to create a user page and sign in ID, so she signed in using the ID theseanymph. After purchasing the knitting pattern, her page went unused for quite some time. However, one day she decided to create a little shop based on one of her passions, upcycling! And so the little shop "the Sea Nymph" was born and she posted a few items on her page. She started the shop in her spare time and it has been her hobby making usable items from disposables.

Unfortunately, I didn't have a suitable receptacle to show this beautiful water candle holder to its full advantage. Even so, it looks great placed upon the mantlepiece.

It is a clever concept, as it was made from upcycled plastic (PET) litre bottles. It is versatile and can be used again and again.

Later she started a second shop for items that weren’t “sea” inspired and she named the new shop "The Woodland Sprite." Both shops are devoted to the art of upcycling and repurposing. 

The artist is a U.S. Navy veteran, who has a B.S. in Interior Design, and she has applied her creativity to disposables and the Art of Upcycling. She hopes her designs will provide inspiration to others who also believe in conserving our natural world.

The votive is truly beautiful, and gives off a rosy pink glow. I absolutely adore it!

Also, you can get your hands on the original patterns to both the lotus and the lily candle holders, at:

Go to The Woodland's Sprite's Etsy at: http://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/thewoodlandsprite

And thank you again to the artist!

Tattify Tattoos

Thank you so much to the team at Tattify for the gorgeous tattoo set they sent me. They're great!

A collaboration between two close friends, Tattify was conceived of as an alternative to the bland temporary tattoos available today. We wanted to solve a simple problem: temporary tattoos aren’t all that great...

Plus, if our moms found out we got real tattoos, we’d get an earful – something we would rather avoid for obvious reasons.

The tattoos were easy to apply, and came with detailed step-by-step instructions for both applying and  removing. I was also happy to find that when you buy your first tattoo at Taffify, you'll automatically get 20% off your next order..

Here at Tattify, we don’t judge you based on what you’re into. Stage diving, black lipstick, red lipstick and black lace, skinny jeans, rhinestones, Hello Kitty, vintage 35mm cameras, track bikes, cruisers, rain, sunshine, The Detroit Lions, weight-lifting, Modus Hoperandi, the color pink, blue, and red, Nintendo, Marvel Comics, Diesel jeans, Kate Moss, Lana del Rey, or whatever else trips your triggers and makes the fireworks light behind your eyelids.

The tattoos are authentic looking as they all had minimal shine, yet are weightless and should last between 2 - 5 days. They're safe, non-toxic, and approved by the FDA. I LOVE them!

We’re here to help your skin go BANG with the rest of the world. By teaming up with some of the best artists from around the globe (and some awesome photographers), we’re bringing you the quirkiest, most eclectic, and by far the most visually appealing temporary tattoos available on planet earth.

Tattify ships immediatly, worldwide, so there's no need to worry about not being to access these lush tattoos!

Tattify respects your right to express yourself. We want more than anything else to foster and encourage that right. A lot of brands out there want you to look like them. We want you to look like YOU.

Visit the Tattify's social media at;

Pinterest: pinterest.com/tattify

Facebook: facebook.com/tattify

Tumblr: thetathunter.tumblr.com
Twitter: @tattifytats 
Instagram: @tattify 

Penguin VS Penguin shirt

Thank you so much to Michelle and Billy at Wicked MoXie for sending me a lush 'Penguin VS Penguin' shirt for review. It looks great!

In 2006, Wicked MoXie clawed her way out of this over-worked, under-inspired mother of two. I toiled with many mediums, looking for an outlet that would excite me enough to keep the creative fires burning, but soon found myself in the sweatshop boredom of repetitive-making rather than creating.

The first thing I noticed abou this top is that the colours compliment eachother perfectly. I love the contrast of the pink and the white, and the design is great.

I wore the shirt with white shorts, white platform shoes, and a white bag, so that the top was the most eyecatching piece of the whole outfit.

My husband was trial and error-ing his way to the perfect screen printed tees. He was determined to screen tees that would withstand the test of time (and his not-so-Heloise-savvy laundry techniques.) It took four L O N G years, but he finally mastered the art of t-shirt making, producing screened images that hold up over hundreds of washings even better than the shirts themselves

The top is made from 100% cotton, preshrunk so there's no chance or it shrinking in the wash, and the image is screenprinted so it will ot fade or wash out.

My husband started selling his designs on Ebay in the fall of 2010. By the spring of 2011, I couldn’t resist the designing urge and started shirt making as well. Now, a mere three months later, I find myself with the etsy shop of my dreams. Not only do I get the freedom of unending creativity, but I get to work with my best friend who just happens to do all the sweatshop-esque, repetitive irritation that drives me crazy!

If you don't take no for an answer, the outcome is always positive.

Visit Wicked MoXie's Facebook page at; www.facebook.com/pages/Wicked-MoXie
Go to the Wicked MoXie official website at; www.wickedmoxie.com
Check out Wicked MoXie's Etsy page at; www.etsy.com/uk/shop/wickedmoxie

Anchor Shirt

Thank you to Jordan if Jodprdan's Canvas for sending me a gorgeous 'anchor' shirt.

I absolutely love the design on the shirt! The white looks great on the navy background, and it's clever how the quote was written in the shape of an anchor.

I recently started painting for fun, and realized, "Hey, I could probably sell some of these!" Everyone I've talked to has loved them, so I hope you guys love them enough to purchase them. Thanks so much!

The shirt is made from a blend of 50/50 polyester and cotton, and is just so incredibly soft! I ordered a medium, which was slightly bigger than I expected, but it still looks reasonably good.

I'd wear this shirt with light denim jeans, shorts or a skater skirt, along with dark navy platform shoes and white accessories. It'd be great paired with monochrome parphernalia.

If you would like me to paint you something that I do not already have in my shop, please message me and I will see if I can do it. Also, if you would like a custom order (different sizes) just let me know! I'm glad to do anything I can to make you all happy with your purchases.

Check out the Jordan's Canvas Etsy at; https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/JordansCanvas

Merlotte's Bar and Grill top

Thank you so much to Angela of Fat Cat Apparel for sending me such a nice shirt! It looks great!

I have always loved to scrapbook and every Christmas I make calendars for my friends. I used to do these all by hand until I met my fiancé Chris who introduced me to the world of graphic design. I slowly started learning how to use the adobe programs and began making my calendars on the computer. Before long I was even designing my own scrapbook paper. I decided that I wanted to sell my paper and so one Christmas I started an Etsy site. 

The shirt is made from 100% preshrunk cotton, so there's no chance of it shrinking in the wash. I love the fact that it's handmade, even though it certainly doesn't look like it!

This shirt would go with pretty much anything, but I'd pair it with black jeans/ shorts/ skirt, green platform shoes, and green accessories. I think it'd also look good paired with monochrome accessories.

Instead of selling scrapbook paper I ended up selling my custom photo ornaments, which took off. I kept saying that eventually I would get my scrapbook paper up but I was just too busy and could never seem to find the time. Almost a year passed and I hadn't accomplished much time just seemed to fly by. That was when my fiance purchased a direct to garment printer for his print shop. At first I didn't really think much of this new piece of technology. Then one day I was at work, board and was surfing the net. I found a shirt I liked but didn't really want to pay a huge amount for it. That was when it suddenly hit me that I could make my own shirt, not only that, I could make shirts and sell them on Etsy. So I added the apparel half of my shop. 

The shirt is the perfect fit, which I was so happy about. The design is inspired by the True Blood series, and if you've never heard of it - go research it now because it is absolutely BRILLIANT, and great inspiration for a shirt.

Fat Cat Apparel ships internationally, so there's no need to worry about these great shirts not being able to reach you!

When my first shirts started to sell I was so excited and I couldn't wait to make more. In addition I still wanted to get my scrapbook paper up, which I finally am although it is a much slower process then the shirts. But I have a plan and a goal for this year, which is to dedicate as much time as possible to getting my shop in tip top shape and consistently offer new shirts, scrapbook paper, and other products. I know it might be a challenge but I am up for it and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Visit the Fat Cat Apparel Etsy at; http://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/fatcatapparel

Again, thank you to Angela for sending me such a lovely shirt!

Hawaiian Print Shirt

Thank you so much to Breen of Cellar Door Thrift for sending me a charming Hawaiian print shirt!

My story opens when I started thrifting as a poor college student. It began one quick evening running into a local shop to find something cute to wear to go out with the girls where I thrifted a black velvet skirt. Two years later that skirt still stands as one of my favorite thrifted (and worst altered) items. After realizing that I could live fabulously on a budget by thrifting and finding amazing vintage items, I started my shop CellarDoorThrift on Etsy. CellarDoorThrift is where I house amazing items for sale with the intention of finding them a great forever home and hopefully, with that special someone that will love them as much as I still love my black velvet skirt. 

This shirt is the statement piece amongst any outfit, and I've been wearing it with high waisted jeans, platform velvet tennis shoes, and a bowler hat. It is the perfect vintage accessory!

The shirt is made from 55% cotton and 45% rayon, which means it is just the right thickness.

I will be shipping through USPS and will ship either Priority or First Class. I will try to keep my shipping fees as low as possible as it's understood that no one wants to pay an arm and a leg for an item they love. I currently do not ship internationally seeing as I just opened the shop, but give me time to get a hang of this and I'll open it up!

Check out Cellar Door Thrift's Etsy at; http://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/CellarDoorThrift

Again, thanks to Breen for sending me such a fetching shirt!

Occupy Narnia

Thank you so much to Jenson of Occupy My Shirt for sending me such a lovely tee! I love it!

After having foot surgery, I had A LOT of spare time. During my recovery, I witnessed the impact of the Occupy LA movement from my window, like a creep, and decided to make a light-hearted joke about it. So, I created my own T-Shirt company. Note to readers: this is not a lucrative business.

The first thing I noticed about this shirt is how soft it is! Made with 50% polyester, 25% combed cotton and 25% rayon, it is incredibly comfy!

My former boss, my boyfriend, and I got together and created our own website. I recently took down our site, and realized we should've started with etsy in the first place!

So here I am, with a house full of funny shirts and very creative ways to store them, looking to spread the shirts all around the world. 

This tee is an XS, and I was chuffed that it fitted perfectly! The sizing ran true to what they said it was, unlike some companies I've come across.

Guns don't kill people. Not wearing funny shirts does. So do opiates...

Again, thank you to Occupy My Shirt for the incredibly soft tee!

Go check out their Etsy at; http://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/OccupyMyShirt

'Pothead' Tee

Thank you to Craig JW at Icon for sending me a lush 'POTHEAD' tee. It looks great!

The first thing I want to mention about this shirt is that it's so soft and comfortable! It is made with 50% polyester and 50% cotton, which means that it is easy to wash and dries quickly.

One thing I love about this top is that it doesn't stretch as you wear it, unlike a lot of under £20 shirts you can buy. The image on the front is striking and stands out amongst an outfit, with a clever and innocent pun as it shows the iconic Winnie The Pooh with a honey pot on his head.

This top will go with any outfit, yet will brighten up whatever you wear, with the image being stencil printed, and hand painted with a DIY aesthetic.

Check out the Icon Etsy; www.etsy.com/uk/shop/CraigJW

And again, thank you Craig for the lush tee!

Love Uganda T-Shirt

Thank you so much to Kasayr for sending me one of her gorgeous 'Love Uganda' tees.

I LOVE this shirt, not only because of the design, but because of how comfy it is! It is incredibly soft, and the quality is brilliant!

It is 100% cotton, and printed with environmentally friendly ink, so there's no need to worry about damaging the environment. Gladly, unlike other shirts, this one didn't come with that horrible ink smell, which meant that I could wear it as soon as I received it.

I have to be honest, and say that the medium was a bit bigger than I expected, so when you order be sure you double check the sizing; although it did look good baggy!

This tee will go with anything, be it neon, knit, aztec, or even khaki. It is easy to clean, and the colour hasn't faded even after about ten washes.

100% of all proceeds will go towards Kasayr's trip to Uganda, volunteering and helping the citizens of Africa, which means that your money will be going towards saving lives!

"The shirts were originally designed as a fundraiser to go toward our savings for an international adoption from Uganda, Africa. Our journey took a couple of turns and we adopted locally. I do have a love for Africa and a heart for orphans. My friend, Amy Washington, has a ministry in Uganda. I am now using the monies from sold shirts to go toward her ministry. I am also saving monies from sold shirts for me to be able to go volunteer with her ministry in a year or two. I would love for you to check out Amy's ministry, Kupendwa Ministries. The website is www.kupendwaministries.org and she also has a Facebook Page."

Kasayr's has received nothing less than 100% positive feedback for her tees, which proves that the quality is nothing less than the best!

Visit Kasayr's Etsy; www.etsy.com/uk/shop/kasayr

Again, thank you Kasayr so much - I love the tee!

Temporary Tattoos by Pepper Ink

I just wrote this review, but then my IPad went and lost it. So here's me trying to remember everything I wrote. Grr...

Thank you to everyone at Pepper Ink for sending me a set of their tattoos, they look great!

I love modern and vintage design, and adore a good tattoo or two or more! I started to wear temporary tattoos for fun, for special occasions, for me; but saw a huge gap in between what I loved and what was available. So I started to make my own with the designs, illustrations and artists I love. I believe that what you put on your skin is important and ought to be darn awesome, art should be fun, wearing temporary tattoos isn't just for kids, and every day with a hug is a good day.

I was sent a set of six tattoos - a vintage skull, the quote 'I refuse to sink' (with anchor), an eternity symbol, five hearts, 'XO', and the quote 'Make stuff Do stuff', as well as a tube of Liquiskin.

All of Pepper Ink's tattoos are non-toxic and eco-friendly. The tattoos were pain free to transfer, and can be taken off simply with perfume, baby oil, tea tree oil, cellotape, alcohol, or by rubbing it off in the shower. They're extremely easy to apply - all you have to do is add water.

The tattoos last up to seven days, or fourteen when using Liquiskin. They come in a small bag, (eco-friendly) so would be great if used for gifts.

Starting with vintage illustrations, Pepper Ink is growing with our monthly limited edition artist sets and will soon expand into custom wedding sets and party favors. Temporary tattoos are sweet for so many occasions, and a unique and customisable gift, and fun to wear any ol' time. I feel so lucky to be creating what I love.

Pepper Ink image

Liquiskin is a liquid which helps the tattoos last longer, look better, and removes the shine, so they look authentic and professional. Although mine did leak a bit during shipping, it was still perfectly fine to use.

Visit the Pepper Ink Etsy at; www.etsy.com/uk/shop/pepperink
Visit the Pepper Ink website at; www.pepperink.com.au

Spring Garden Pot Pourri Bag

Thank you to Lorna Bateman of Lorna Bateman Embroidery for sending me one of her lovely Spring Garden Pot Pourri Bags, which you can see HERE: http://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/50355855/spring-garden-pot-pourri-bag-kit?ref=sh..

I am a mother to 3 boys, partner to a mad Englishman, owner of a cat, gardener and avid stitcher! I have a studio where orders are processed and kits are packed. However I sit and stitch at the back of the house overlooking our garden and fields!

The pack comes complete with everything needed to embroid my own pot pourri bag - muslin, silk, backing/ lining, five different coloured ribbons, needles, thread, lace and organdy ribbon.

As the daughter of a British father, I grew up In South Africa romantising about my British roots and dreaming of one day living in a cottage in the country in England. Little did I know!
In 1999, I decided to emigrate from South Africa, where I had taught for a number of years, to the United Kingdom on my own with my 3 sons. Six months after I made the decision we were on our way.
Starting a new life and determined to succeed, I set up my business back in 2001 after my mother suddenly passed away and the bottom appeared to have fallen out of my world - so a real uphill battle and a challenge to start with! 
With the help of two software developers in the family ('newly met' partner and eldest son), I set up my website and started selling simple kits for beginners who wish to try their hand at textured and 3-dimensional embroidery.
What was a passion for teaching and designing has become a full time business. I love what I do so much it does not feel like a real job!! - both the creating of the designs and the thrill of teaching and getting feedback are so rewarding. Whoever says 'bored' has never tried to stitch - it has kept me sane through many trials and tribulations! It has also taken me to many exciting destinations and down many new and exciting paths. Etsy has been one of the cherries on the top - my son's idea! 
The boys of course have recently all flown the coop so I am left to stitch in peace!
As for my partner - or boyfriend as you will! - well we recently celebrated 10 years together, having bought our current cottage jointly nearly 3 years ago. Another adventure too - one of restoration and repair.
A dream realised!

Copyright Lorna Bateman Embroidery

The ribbons and thread are all hand dyed, which gives it an artisan feel. The design is beautiful, and the kit comes with a step-by-step instruction booklet. I've never embroided before, so the detailed instructions really helped!

It arrived in a beautifully packaged cellophane bag, which would be perfect if bought for a gift!

Visit the Lorna Bateman Embroidery Etsy; www.etsy.com/uk/shop/lornabateman22
Visit the Lorna Bateman Embroidery website; www.lornabatemanembroidery.com

Cloud Brooch

Thank you to Courtney Hamill of Honeycomb Studio for sending me a gorgeous cloud brooch. I love it!

Courtney Hamill discovered ceramics later than most. Attending a small school with a limited arts budget, Courtney headed off to college thinking that if you couldn't paint a still-life scene with oils, you weren't an artist.

Pursuing a Political Science degree with single-minded determination (she was watching a lot of West Wing at the time), she found herself with nothing but electives to take during the last two years of her college career. She signed up for a fateful Intro to Ceramics on the Wheel class. Oh how she hated it! In the studio until 2am on weeknights trying to throw a 6 inch cylinder! Somehow, over the course of the semester, the hate and frustration melted away and were replaced by a life-long addiction to clay.

The first thing I noticed about this brooch is how intricate it is. Considering it is handmade, it must have been incredibly difficult getting it to look so perfect. No two Honeycomb Studio brooches are the same as they're all made without the aid of machinery.

After graduation, the city girl moved to a farmhouse in the mountains of Virginia to apprentice with ceramicists Donna Polseno and Rick Hensley, before joining the life of the 9-5ers.
In 2012, Courtney walked away from a successful career in non-profit fundraising to start Honeycomb Studio. She personally renovated the 200 sq ft detached garage in her backyard (who told this girl she knew anything about electrical wiring?!) and turned it into her dream pottery studio. She has never looked back.
Honeycomb Studio is a small batch, handmade ceramics shop created by Courtney Hamill. Based in Atlanta's West Midtown district, Courtney designs and executes original, small-scale porcelain sculptures by hand. Utilizing slip-casting and hand building techniques, each of her pieces is completely unique, providing the customer with a beautiful and hand-crafted object.

The brooch is made of porcelain and covered with a clear, glossy glaze, with an antique bronze plated pin. The back is unglazed with Courtney's artist's mark.

Honeycomb Studio is a small batch, handmade ceramics shop created by Courtney Hamill. Based in Atlanta's West Midtown district, Courtney designs and executes original porcelain designs by hand. Utilizing wheel thrown, slip-casting and hand building techniques, each of her pieces is completely unique, providing the customer with an beautiful, one-of-a-kind, small-scale sculpture. 

Their Facebook; www.facebook.com/honeycombstudioceramics
Their Etsy; www.etsy.com/uk/shop/honeycombstudio
Their website; honeycomb-studio.com

Houndstooth Cushion Cover

A massive THANK YOU to Nicole Duff of the very successful Mood Design Studio for sending me a gorgeous houndstooth design cushion cover. 

I am many things on this earth; Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend. I was put on this planet to make people happy, to make people laugh and feel loved. I was also put here on earth to bring joy to you by the way of your surroundings : )

The houndstooth is striking against the design of my bed (where I am displaying it), and looks great. It is different to a lot of plainer, simpler designs, and is an unique accessory to any room.

I love the fact that it is piped with a beautiful fuschia velvet with a hidden zip on the inside. I noticed just how strong the cover is whilst I was trying to place the insert inside, and by double stitching and over locking the edges, Nicole has made the cover as durable as possible.

Mood Design Studio is very successful, and has been seen on magazines and television shows such as Apartment Therapy, HOUZZ, Momma's a Rolling Stone, Bright Nest, Adore Home Magazine, The Office Stylist, and July 2013 Home Beautiful Australia Magazine.

It all started in 2011. I was at home on maternity leave from my nursing career after having my second child and I was feeling conflicted; wasn’t I supposed to be in complete and utter bliss being at home with my two wonderful and beautiful children? Well, although I loved my children and was feeling mighty blessed to have a whole year at home with them, I was also feeling lost. I needed to do something for ME! I never felt like I was put on this earth solely to be a wife and mother; I have always felt like I have so much to offer the world! 

The cover is handmade, which is surprising considering how well it is put together and how professional it looks - the quality is fantastic! Nicole's house must be full of gorgeous designs!

The customer service was great, with the cushion being shipped quickly with no damage. Nicole was really helpful, and I was so excited to receive the cover!

In an attempt to try and make myself feel better I began to give my home a bit of a makeover. I would rearrange furniture, paint rooms, and shop for new décor. Shopping has always been therapeutic for me :)

The design is very creative, and I love the way that the houndstooth design clashes with the fuschia velvet - they really compliment eachother.

On a thrifting excursion one day – an idea brought on by some recently purchased home design magazines – I picked up some sorry looking chairs and tried recovering them. Well, to my surprise, I was pretty good at it! I mean, for just watching a few you-tube videos. I did vintage chair redesigns for a while and became mildly obsessed with fabric. Fast forward 2 years and I’m pretty sure I have the largest pin boards on Pinterest dedicated to fabric with over 600 Pins! I am now creating throw pillow covers, lamp shades, pendant lighting, and table lamps and am finally working on my own fabric designs! I haven’t gone back to the 12 hour nursing grind, I felt a more urgent call to be home with my children and at the same time pursue this new found passion.

All of Mood Design Studio's feedback is 100% positive, which shows just how successful her designs are!

Visit Mood Design Studio's Etsy at www.etsy.com/uk/shop/MoodDesignStudio
Visit Mood Design Studio's website at www.moodstudio.ca
Visit Mood Design Studio's Facebook at www.facebook.com/moodesignstudio