Love Uganda T-Shirt

Thank you so much to Kasayr for sending me one of her gorgeous 'Love Uganda' tees.

I LOVE this shirt, not only because of the design, but because of how comfy it is! It is incredibly soft, and the quality is brilliant!

It is 100% cotton, and printed with environmentally friendly ink, so there's no need to worry about damaging the environment. Gladly, unlike other shirts, this one didn't come with that horrible ink smell, which meant that I could wear it as soon as I received it.

I have to be honest, and say that the medium was a bit bigger than I expected, so when you order be sure you double check the sizing; although it did look good baggy!

This tee will go with anything, be it neon, knit, aztec, or even khaki. It is easy to clean, and the colour hasn't faded even after about ten washes.

100% of all proceeds will go towards Kasayr's trip to Uganda, volunteering and helping the citizens of Africa, which means that your money will be going towards saving lives!

"The shirts were originally designed as a fundraiser to go toward our savings for an international adoption from Uganda, Africa. Our journey took a couple of turns and we adopted locally. I do have a love for Africa and a heart for orphans. My friend, Amy Washington, has a ministry in Uganda. I am now using the monies from sold shirts to go toward her ministry. I am also saving monies from sold shirts for me to be able to go volunteer with her ministry in a year or two. I would love for you to check out Amy's ministry, Kupendwa Ministries. The website is and she also has a Facebook Page."

Kasayr's has received nothing less than 100% positive feedback for her tees, which proves that the quality is nothing less than the best!

Visit Kasayr's Etsy;

Again, thank you Kasayr so much - I love the tee!

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