Occupy Narnia

Thank you so much to Jenson of Occupy My Shirt for sending me such a lovely tee! I love it!

After having foot surgery, I had A LOT of spare time. During my recovery, I witnessed the impact of the Occupy LA movement from my window, like a creep, and decided to make a light-hearted joke about it. So, I created my own T-Shirt company. Note to readers: this is not a lucrative business.

The first thing I noticed about this shirt is how soft it is! Made with 50% polyester, 25% combed cotton and 25% rayon, it is incredibly comfy!

My former boss, my boyfriend, and I got together and created our own website. I recently took down our site, and realized we should've started with etsy in the first place!

So here I am, with a house full of funny shirts and very creative ways to store them, looking to spread the shirts all around the world. 

This tee is an XS, and I was chuffed that it fitted perfectly! The sizing ran true to what they said it was, unlike some companies I've come across.

Guns don't kill people. Not wearing funny shirts does. So do opiates...

Again, thank you to Occupy My Shirt for the incredibly soft tee!

Go check out their Etsy at; http://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/OccupyMyShirt

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