Spring Garden Pot Pourri Bag

Thank you to Lorna Bateman of Lorna Bateman Embroidery for sending me one of her lovely Spring Garden Pot Pourri Bags, which you can see HERE: http://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/50355855/spring-garden-pot-pourri-bag-kit?ref=sh..

I am a mother to 3 boys, partner to a mad Englishman, owner of a cat, gardener and avid stitcher! I have a studio where orders are processed and kits are packed. However I sit and stitch at the back of the house overlooking our garden and fields!

The pack comes complete with everything needed to embroid my own pot pourri bag - muslin, silk, backing/ lining, five different coloured ribbons, needles, thread, lace and organdy ribbon.

As the daughter of a British father, I grew up In South Africa romantising about my British roots and dreaming of one day living in a cottage in the country in England. Little did I know!
In 1999, I decided to emigrate from South Africa, where I had taught for a number of years, to the United Kingdom on my own with my 3 sons. Six months after I made the decision we were on our way.
Starting a new life and determined to succeed, I set up my business back in 2001 after my mother suddenly passed away and the bottom appeared to have fallen out of my world - so a real uphill battle and a challenge to start with! 
With the help of two software developers in the family ('newly met' partner and eldest son), I set up my website and started selling simple kits for beginners who wish to try their hand at textured and 3-dimensional embroidery.
What was a passion for teaching and designing has become a full time business. I love what I do so much it does not feel like a real job!! - both the creating of the designs and the thrill of teaching and getting feedback are so rewarding. Whoever says 'bored' has never tried to stitch - it has kept me sane through many trials and tribulations! It has also taken me to many exciting destinations and down many new and exciting paths. Etsy has been one of the cherries on the top - my son's idea! 
The boys of course have recently all flown the coop so I am left to stitch in peace!
As for my partner - or boyfriend as you will! - well we recently celebrated 10 years together, having bought our current cottage jointly nearly 3 years ago. Another adventure too - one of restoration and repair.
A dream realised!

Copyright Lorna Bateman Embroidery

The ribbons and thread are all hand dyed, which gives it an artisan feel. The design is beautiful, and the kit comes with a step-by-step instruction booklet. I've never embroided before, so the detailed instructions really helped!

It arrived in a beautifully packaged cellophane bag, which would be perfect if bought for a gift!

Visit the Lorna Bateman Embroidery Etsy; www.etsy.com/uk/shop/lornabateman22
Visit the Lorna Bateman Embroidery website; www.lornabatemanembroidery.com


  1. Good Luck with the kit. Lornas kits are a truly wonderful way to get into this kind of embroidery. I look forward to seeing the finished thing. What a beautiful design you have to work on. Claire