Houndstooth Cushion Cover

A massive THANK YOU to Nicole Duff of the very successful Mood Design Studio for sending me a gorgeous houndstooth design cushion cover. 

I am many things on this earth; Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend. I was put on this planet to make people happy, to make people laugh and feel loved. I was also put here on earth to bring joy to you by the way of your surroundings : )

The houndstooth is striking against the design of my bed (where I am displaying it), and looks great. It is different to a lot of plainer, simpler designs, and is an unique accessory to any room.

I love the fact that it is piped with a beautiful fuschia velvet with a hidden zip on the inside. I noticed just how strong the cover is whilst I was trying to place the insert inside, and by double stitching and over locking the edges, Nicole has made the cover as durable as possible.

Mood Design Studio is very successful, and has been seen on magazines and television shows such as Apartment Therapy, HOUZZ, Momma's a Rolling Stone, Bright Nest, Adore Home Magazine, The Office Stylist, and July 2013 Home Beautiful Australia Magazine.

It all started in 2011. I was at home on maternity leave from my nursing career after having my second child and I was feeling conflicted; wasn’t I supposed to be in complete and utter bliss being at home with my two wonderful and beautiful children? Well, although I loved my children and was feeling mighty blessed to have a whole year at home with them, I was also feeling lost. I needed to do something for ME! I never felt like I was put on this earth solely to be a wife and mother; I have always felt like I have so much to offer the world! 

The cover is handmade, which is surprising considering how well it is put together and how professional it looks - the quality is fantastic! Nicole's house must be full of gorgeous designs!

The customer service was great, with the cushion being shipped quickly with no damage. Nicole was really helpful, and I was so excited to receive the cover!

In an attempt to try and make myself feel better I began to give my home a bit of a makeover. I would rearrange furniture, paint rooms, and shop for new décor. Shopping has always been therapeutic for me :)

The design is very creative, and I love the way that the houndstooth design clashes with the fuschia velvet - they really compliment eachother.

On a thrifting excursion one day – an idea brought on by some recently purchased home design magazines – I picked up some sorry looking chairs and tried recovering them. Well, to my surprise, I was pretty good at it! I mean, for just watching a few you-tube videos. I did vintage chair redesigns for a while and became mildly obsessed with fabric. Fast forward 2 years and I’m pretty sure I have the largest pin boards on Pinterest dedicated to fabric with over 600 Pins! I am now creating throw pillow covers, lamp shades, pendant lighting, and table lamps and am finally working on my own fabric designs! I haven’t gone back to the 12 hour nursing grind, I felt a more urgent call to be home with my children and at the same time pursue this new found passion.

All of Mood Design Studio's feedback is 100% positive, which shows just how successful her designs are!

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