Dried Oranges Pot Pourri with Autumn Spice

Thank you so much to ReaLLy HomeMade for sending me a bag full of their dried oranges with home spice. It smells absolutely divine!

We are a mother & daughter, home based business making high quality handmade/homemade gifts, scented with our 'home spice' uniquely blended fragrance. 

We really hope you enjoy browsing our products. 

Elli and Christine 
ReaLLy HomeMade

The first thing that struck me about this pot pourri is how strong the scent is. It is strong enough to fill my room without becoming overpowering. I kept it in a bowl in my wardrobe overnight, and when I woke up the next morning all my clothes smelt of oranges and autumn spice.

The fragrance is heavenly, and slowly gives off a warm, homely feel. The aroma is still going strong, and I have been told that the dried oranges "naturally preserve themselves and will last for years". Even if it does begin to fade, ReaLLy HomeMade also sent a bottle of autumn spice fragrance so I can easily top it up.

The oranges are dried, scented, and pierced with cloves by hand, so a lot of hard work must have gone into making them smell so lovely. Also, orange is my favourite colour, which is an added bonus!

Every year, both of us cannot wait until Autumn time, so we can (legitimately) start planning our Christmas season. But we don't start saving the pennies to go Christmas shopping like most do, we plan all the different ways we're going to decorate our homes!

We have always loved drying our own apples and oranges, but most importantly, we love to scent our homes with the best autumn and winter fragrances around. 

Two years ago, after being encouraged by friends and family, we decided to start making handmade/homemade scented gifts for people to buy. People seem to love not only our products, but our amazing hand mixed 'home spice' scent which we fragrance almost all our products with. We have now evolved to selling these fragrances ourselves (10ml bottles coming soon!) 

We have a small craft room at home (which constantly smells of our 'home spice' uniquely blended fragrance) where we handmake all of our products. Hopefully, we wont outgrow this room TOO soon, although we are already getting a little bit cramped (take a look at the pics on our main website!). 

Another thing that our customers now want to be able to buy is all of our handmade supplies, such as cloved oranges, wicker balls, charms etc, for them to make there own handmade projects at home - therefore we are now extending into this market and selling our own supplies for everyone to create their very own products themselves!

We attend craft shows all across Essex and Suffolk in the United Kingdom, and have been greeted with a lot of great feedback.

Next year however, we will start running solely HANDMADE/HOMEMADE events in our area, as we really feel there is a gap in the market for high quality, hand crafted products, so I hope some of our fellow sellers on Etsy will join us to exhibit at our shows next year! 

Please follow our story.... we promise to report back!

The pot pourri is environmentally friendly, and I'm pretty sure there were no animals harmed in the making of it!

The customer service was great, and they were really friendly.

'...Handmade quality gifts, made with love...'

Visit the ReaLLy HomeMade website at http://www.reallyhomemade.co.uk/
Visit the ReaLLy HomeMade etsy at http://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/ReaLLyHomeMade

Again, thank you ReaLLy HomeMade for sending me the gorgeous pot pourri!