Pudge Controls The Weather (keyring)

Thank you so much to Sarah of Burning Love Ltd for sending me a lovely 'Pudge Controls 
The Weather' keyring - it looks great! Thank you!

I've always been into arts and craft, making items for family and friends etc always looking for something unique for gifts led me to the pyrography child drawing key rings (my best seller). I've only been running my facebook page since March/ April, turning it into a limited company in May. I am a married mother to four girls and find the work I do a way of relaxing in the evenings - "my escape".

The first thing that struck me about this keyring is that it looks EXACTLY like the image I sent to Sarah. She drew it by hand without a template or any tracing, and it looks perfect. She uses a simple pyrography pen, yet it looks like it was printed by an expensive machine. It really surprised me how much it looks like the image, and it looks fantastic!

The clasp is strong, durable, and simple to use, so you can easily clip/ unclip it from bag to bag, without the worry of it snapping.

It is obvious that a lot of hard work went into this keyring, and it must take a long time to get it looking perfect. It is an even oval shape, and is smooth with no risk of getting splinters. The image is burnt into birch wood, which gives the background a lovely texture.

All of Burning Love Ltd's keyrings are eco-friendly, and varnished to perfection. 

The quote 'pudge controls the weather' comes from the film 'Lilo and Stitch', and if you've ever watched the movie you'll understand why it is such a great quote to carry around.

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Thank you so much Sarah for such a gorgeous keyring!

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