Acceptance Into The Brit School Celebration Shop&Haul

Do you question your fashion sense daily? Do you wish you knew where to buy the amazing clothes that I wear? Well now you can know!

I'm redecorating my room, so ignore the mess. Also, I have a harsh sunburn on my face, so no face pictures (:

Top&shirt, £10, Primark

Top, £3.50, Primark

Pyjama top, £5, Primark
Pyjama bottoms, £7, Primark

Top, £2, Primark
Jeans, £7, Primark

Parka, £9, Primark

Jumper, £3.99, Place Du Jour

Top, £3.99, Place Du Jour

Camo jacket, £5.99, Place Du Jour

Top, £7.99, New Look

Top, £7.99, New Look
Khaki combats, £30, River Island (they're seriously so lush <3<3<3)
(And the bear on my floor was a leaving present off my friend Chloe, ((thanks Chlo(:(:(:)) jus' sayin' )

Pinafore dress, £20, River Island

Jumper, £50, Fat Face
Collar necklace, £6.50, New Look

Hat, £10, River Island
Necklace, £6.50, New Look